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    8 Social Media Tips for Staffing Agencies

Social Media For Staffing Agencies

An indispensable element of every staffing agency’s marketing strategy is ‘Social Media’. Social media can drive traffic to your recruitment websites, increase brand awareness, and connect you directly with prospective candidates and clients. But all this is possible only with the right approach at the right time. Some of the most prominent tips to improve your social media strategy are listed below.Every social media channel is different from the other. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram all have different audiences engaging with different content you produce. There are a variety of social media platforms that offer different services. Your first and most important responsibility is to understand your target audience, which social media is the most active for them, and where users spend most of their time. You must also determine the channel that’s the most cost-effective for your staffing agency.

Social Media – Get Seen, Be Known

As a staffing agency, it is essential to make the presence of your staffing websites known on social media. Make sure your staffing recruitment website design is up-to-date before you share the site’s link. You must ensure that your recruitment website design is such that the ‘About Us’ section is brief and summarizes your services elegantly. Check snippets on your pages are updated and relevant too.

Do Hashtag Research

Hashtags are a great way to amplify your message to the right audience. As a beginner, you should use as many of them as possible to reach out to a larger group, at least 3-5 in each post and make sure they’re relevant to the content you’re putting out there. Have a look at what stories are interesting, what hashtags they use and use similar or closely related hashtag ideas…

Eye-Catching Images Drive Impressions

There’s a saying that goes, ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’. This holds true when it comes to social media too. An attractive and unique image can definitely stop someone from scrolling further, click and browse your site. Pushing relevant jobs next to that content, or calls to action for clients will help drive more page views and more time on site. All good for your website search engine rankings and your team’s productivity.

Write Sensational Titles

A picture speaks a thousand words, but an image accompanied by an unattractive title does not catch the attention of the eye. Every image, video, or blog must partner up with an impressive, sensational caption that encourages clicks and resonates with your audience. Think about the before and after state – what will they learn by clicking and spending time on your page?

Leverage Social Media Partnerships To Maximise Reach

Social media helps you reach, engage and converse with potential clients and candidates with your stunning content – Blogs, Videos, Infographics, Guides, FAQs, Market Insight, Reports, Surveys etc. By identifying those who interact with you, you can strike up a mutually beneficial social media partnership with a small amount of effort, zero cost and potentially large impact.

Use The 80-20 Rule

Social media is a tempting platform to promote your staffing agency’s services. But to make the best use of it, you must follow the 80-20 rule, so you entertain and inform 80% to promote jobs and your agency at 20%.

Keep Tabs On Your Competitors

It might prove irresistible to have a social media platform and not monitor your opponents. But you must remember to map your digital efforts against those of your competitors and understand the activities that are taking them ahead. What posts get the most views? The most likes? The most shares? The most comments? How can you encourage similar levels of engagement with your posts?

Timing Is Everything

Posting your content at the right time can make a big difference in whether or not it has reached the target audience. There’s a considerable likelihood that your content gets lost in the vast abyss of social media posts. Each channel needs different frequency and different timings. To ensure your posts don’t get missed and this doesn’t happen, you must publish your content at a time when you’re certain that the majority of your target audience is online and browsing their preferred network. You can use a scheduling tool to help make this task easier and schedule posts at different times over the coming period. Is it on the way to work? At lunchtime? When they’re taking a break? In the evening when they’re at home? Think about when your target audience is online and post when they’re browsing. Then test your theory. Try different times with similar posts and see which work best on which channels. We hope these tips help drive relevant candidate and client traffic to your staffing website.