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    Lead Generation Software for Recruiters

Staffing technology for recruiters is moving fast. You’d be forgiven for not being aware of everything that has been released recently – it’s moving at such a pace, staffing consultants and staffing agency owners are often bewildered by which staffing technology to use in their recruiting process.

A lot of recruiters have been asking for more client led design recently, to generate new mandates to work and opportunities to drive revenue rather than generate candidates. The way we operate and deploy our modern website design harnessing technology to drive ROI, Staffing Future encourages clients to consider Leadoo – a technology partner providing a subtle but important differentiation for staffing clients and recruiters in our industry.

Leadoo made its name as a provider of high-converting, context-specific chatbots but has now grown into a totally comprehensive platform. Leadoo still leverages the power of chatbots to activate passive website visitors , but now their new lead generation technology is a whole lot more diverse and ideal for recruiters wanting to find new business leads and drive revenue. Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future comments “Leadoo are now fully-fledged ‘lead-driven marketing platform’. It’s an impressive package of technology that staffing agencies and recruiters can use to identify website visitors as leads, then qualify and convert those leads into sales opportunities and revenue.”


As a reliable technology partner and driver of their client businesses, Leadoo builds trust by making staffing business owners like you, better at converting more leads, achieving more conversions from their digital marketing whilst driving higher revenues. The kinds of results their clients enjoy day in day out is what makes Leadoo so enthusiastic about what we do.

As you probably know, all buyers now start their journey online if they’ve not been referred by a contact who knows someone in your business. “All your digital marketing and sales activity drives your ideal customers and prospects to your staffing website. And there’s where the biggest hurdle lies. Nowadays, getting traffic to your website is easy but getting the right kind of traffic is harder. Much harder,” comments John Russell, CMO of Staffing Future. Here are a couple of statistics that might surprise, but won’t shock you:

  • On average companies convert just 2.35% of their traffic
  • 25% of companies convert less than 1% of their website traffic (WordStream research).

At what rate does your site convert? Is it something you even know? Are you able to measure it? One of the reasons Staffing Future likes working with Leadoo is that it helps you build your digital footprint, whilst giving your team the superpowers they need to help convert more leads and create the opportunities you know your team can harvest.


Alex Somers, Partnership Director at Staffing Future comments “Leadoo did not create a marketing platform just for marketers. Their background is in both sales and marketing. That’s different. Their technology is focused on the sharp end of your business. The most competitive element that all staffing agency owners must get right. The sales and marketing platform Leadoo has created targets, sales and results, not just fancy visualized sales funnels.”


Kevin O’Keeffe, UK Client Manager explains “Leadoo combines five core ingredients and core elements to drive your success,,, These are Lead-driven, Customer Service, Conversational Tech, Actionable Insights and Integrated Solutions.” O’Keeffe continues, “None of these are unique but the key is in the combination. Anyone working in sales or marketing knows how hard it is to get these things to work together.“ Sound familiar? Thought so.


The one thing bridging the gap between marketing and sales is leads. Marketing is constantly being asked for 2 things: better quality leads, or more leads, and usually a combination of both.

As a lead-driven marketing platform, Leadoo is obsessed with overcoming this critical hurdle. Results are achieved and companies grow when sales and marketing work in harmony. Sales and Marketing or “Smarketing” as Paiger calls it. Leadoo wants your company to have the right know-how and tools so you ‘never miss a lead again’. Ever.


A lot of technology companies focus on scalable products, leaving you as a client on your own. Leadoo has a model where they help our clients get started, ensuring they

1) Get their first bots up and running in a week, and
2) Make sure those bots are bringing results

Leadoo saw how long clients took to onboard themselves, usually, at least a month. It’s a challenge to start using new technology and Leadoo recognised how mediocre some of the bots were that their customers created. Leadoo knows how great their tech can be, and they want every customer to succeed to prove how well their product works. That’s why they don’t fight to be the most used marketing platform in the world – they fight to create the most value.


Many of Leadoo’s clients reported how their sales teams were seeing a significant and rapid increase in inbound leads. Only then did the sales teams realize a new advanced technology solution had been deployed on their site. Implementing Leadoo isn’t a process that takes the attention of your whole organization or takes significant time away from what your people need to do day to day. None-the-less, the quality of their conversational technology will deliver results fast. With different chat bot options and a tailored and customized service, Leadoo really supercharges your inbound leads. And what’s more, all of those interactions are available to see, right there in the Smart Profiles feature, letting you pick up a lead when they’re ripe and ready to convert.


A large part of the recent update to Leadoo 2.0 is their Smart Profiles and Analytics features. The goal behind both is to focus on data that delivers a lead. That focus means detailed, specific and attributable insights for business owners and your consultants on the desks. Tracking user behavior is useful but if you’re focused on lead generation, and you can’t identify the user, it’s only really helpful for the marketing team. Naturally, the tracking information is a great starting point, so you can collate the drop-off data etc. The neat trick Leadoo has up its sleeve, however, is you don’t have to guess the real reason your prospects leave. This is Leadoo’s key differentiation. As you start to see the conversational threads from Leadoo’s bots, it removes any doubt in your mind. If you want to know why someone drops from your site, you’re already in conversation with them, so you can ask them directly. This helps nurture them as individuals and identify exactly where they are in their buyer’s journey as well as increase your team’s productivity on activity that they should be doing and will be closer to revenue.


You’re not alone in wondering which technology to deploy and which precise elements of your sales process to automate. It used to be your ATS and your website. That’s not enough anymore. Technology available is growing more sophisticated and more complex, with most of them addressing specific issues to help you drive your bottom line. Old technology rarely talks with other technology, or you need to maintain an active “bridge” between them, nor are they easily aligned with your new and evolving business processes.
O’Keeffe reassures us by outlining “Leadoo is built to integrate with everything there is. So no more problems with loose ends or manual inputting (unreliable, slow and inaccurate data)”, Bruce Stander, CTO of Staffing Future comments “We work closely with Leadoo to help you create integrations needed as a part of your technology and project management when you have a staffing website built by us . Leadoo is super easy to add to your current processes. After a few iterations and rounds of data driven optimisation, you’re all set up with little need to manage or maintain Leadoo’s engines as your leads flow seamlessly into your ATS and your business starts moving in the right direction.”


Leadoo likes to say that the value they build speaks for itself. Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future states “At Staffing Future, we’re all about the ROI of our websites and technology stacks deliver for our customers, all of whom are in incredibly competitive markets and sectors. We iterate your business process forward to drive return on investment. All the features within the Leadoo platform are a great combination that tie nicely together and works seamlessly with your ATS and technology stack. For us, their effectiveness and harmony are far more important than dozens of cool features that don’t serve the common goal of your sales teams.”

Staffing Future are in the process of deploying Leadoo technology on our website so we “walk the walk… “ not just “talk the talk” If you’d like to understand more about Leadoo, just ask the team at Staffing Future and we’ll introduce you to the right guys at Leadoo to get you started.