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    Staffing Technology And Websites. How To Get The Best ROI

Your staffing or recruitment website design says a lot about you, your team, your ability to execute and your staffing company! Your staffing website and staffing website design must provide all the information necessary for candidates and clients to make a considered, conscious decision. So as a website owner, how can you make the most of your staffing website? How do you make your website “do more” so you and your team get more from it?

Keep Your Design Up To Date

It is critical to keep your website up to date as older sites are often very slow and rely on features that don’t work in modern browsers. If your website looks like it hasn’t been taken care of, your visitors will feel the same about your service, pushing them to your competitors. Remember to keep your website recent and active. Your page must be inviting and showcase the best features.

Your Call To Action Must Be Clear

What would you like your visitors to do when they first visit your staffing website? Would you want them to sign up for newsletters, check out your blog, understand the application process offered by you, or set up an account? If your call to action is not clear, your visitors will be completely lost and lose interest.

Your Search Function Must Be Intuitive

A website contains a lot of information and is too much to take in for someone looking for something specific. Imagine you are a visitor to a staffing website hounding information on a particular job application process. How would you do it? If your website has an intuitive search function, it makes browsing much more simple. A better search therefore allows visitors to stay on your website longer.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

Everybody knows that Google uses ‘mobile-friendly’ as a criterion to rank sites. If you look for staffing technology online, you will find hundreds of results. So how can you get your page on top? You can certainly give your website a fighting chance if you make it mobile-friendly.

Your Blog Should Be Up-To-Date

A person who visits your site might as well be a candidate looking for opportunities or a client in need of prospective candidates. Both parties are different from each other and have different views.

You can draw more attention to your website with attractive blogs that bridge the gap between the two types of visitors. Blogs also attract others looking for information on staffing and related topics.

Track Progress, Iterate and Improve

Website performance tracking helps you understand what changes are necessary for your website to retain existing traffic and attract more visitors, as well as improving the relevancy of your visitors and improve conversion and quality of leads & enquiries. You must remember to pay extra attention to the analytics data, such as keyword performance tracking and competitor analysis, time on site, bounce rate, pages visited per session and repeat visitors among others.

Newsletters Work

Be noticed. There is a high chance that someone may visit your website but forget the name later. Use a call-to-action to encourage your website visitors to sign up for your newsletters and notifications.

Your recruitment website design can indeed define your company and services, but you can make the best of your staffing website by adopting the steps above.