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    Veritone Acquires Broadbean Multi posting from CareerBuilder


Veritone, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions, has recently moved strategically by acquiring Broadbean Multiposting technology from CareerBuilder. This acquisition further solidifies Veritone’s position in the recruitment technology industry and signifies its commitment to offering comprehensive talent acquisition solutions. In this article, we will delve into the acquisition details, including the sale price, and discuss its potential impact on Veritone’s future growth.

Acquisition Details:

Veritone’s acquisition of Broadbean Multiposting technology marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. Broadbean Multiposting, a renowned recruitment technology platform, provides advanced tools for job distribution, candidate sourcing, and analytics. Veritone aims to enhance its capabilities and deliver cutting-edge recruitment solutions to its clients by integrating this technology into its existing portfolio.

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human capital solutions, completed the acquisition. While the specific sale price has not been publicly disclosed, industry analysts indicate that the transaction was completed at a substantial value, underscoring the strategic importance of the acquisition for Veritone.

Benefits for Veritone:

Advanced Job Distribution: With the integration of Broadbean Multiposting, Veritone can now offer clients an expanded job distribution network. This technology allows for the seamless and efficient distribution of job postings across numerous job boards, social media platforms, and niche websites, maximizing the reach and visibility of job opportunities.

Enhanced Candidate Sourcing: By leveraging Broadbean Multiposting’s powerful candidate sourcing tools, Veritone empowers recruiters to identify and attract top talent effectively. The technology’s intelligent matching algorithms and CV parsing capabilities streamline the candidate sourcing process, saving time and improving efficiency.

Data-Driven Insights: Broadbean Multiposting’s robust analytics capabilities provide Veritone with valuable data-driven insights into job posting performance, candidate response rates, and other vital metrics. These insights enable recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to make informed decisions and optimize recruitment strategies.

AI Integration: Veritone’s expertise in AI-powered solutions opens up new possibilities for integrating machine learning and automation with Broadbean Multiposting’s technology. This integration has the potential to streamline further and optimize various aspects of the recruitment process, including candidate screening, matching, and engagement.

Future Outlook:

Veritone’s acquisition of Broadbean Multiposting from CareerBuilder solidifies its position as a leader in the recruitment technology space. By combining Veritone’s AI capabilities with the advanced features of Broadbean Multiposting, the company is poised to provide clients with even more sophisticated and efficient talent acquisition solutions.

With an expanded portfolio and a more substantial market presence, Veritone is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its clients in a competitive landscape. As the company continues to invest in innovation and strategic partnerships, it will likely drive further advancements in AI-powered recruitment technology and deliver increased value to its customers.


Veritone’s acquisition of Broadbean Multiposting technology from CareerBuilder represents a significant move in the recruitment technology industry. By integrating Broadbean Multiposting into its existing portfolio, Veritone enhances its job distribution capabilities, candidate sourcing efficiency, and data analytics offerings. With a commitment to leveraging AI and delivering comprehensive talent acquisition solutions, Veritone is well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the recruitment industry and provide clients with cutting-edge tools to drive successful recruitment campaigns.