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    Recruitment Technology (How To Build A Recruitment Tech Stack)

Recruitment technology plays a pivotal role in reaching, engaging and converting the cream of the crop.

To find the perfect “non active” jobseeker, the talent that’s “off market”, candidates that are “walk-in placements”, your agency must use and deploy the latest and greatest recruitment technology available effectively. 

By automating time-consuming tasks, you can focus on more important things – like placing great candidates in their dream roles, faster than your competition.

Straight off the bat, here are three key benefits of using recruitment technology that’s integrated with your ATS/CRM:

  • Accelerate the talent lifecycle with connected recruiting.
  • Meet the rising expectations of talent and clients.
  • Address the ongoing talent shortage.

Let’s take a step back to explore what recruitment technology is before breaking down the benefits further.

What is recruitment technology?

Recruitment technology involves platforms and systems used to promote organizational and process alignment. With a clear focus on leveraging technology to enhance and accelerate workflows, your agency is better equipped to identify and attract top talent. The best recruitment technology tools will consolidate data, improve communication, and increase transparency.

By deploying technology properly, you can manage the entire talent lifecycle efficiently and effectively – from attracting candidates,interview scheduling, onboarding right through to post-placement engagement and encouraging referrals. It’s all about finding the right set of tools for the job. Fortunately, you only need a handful of tried-and-true solutions. The best stacks are relatively lean, preventing the risk of convoluted workflows and messy experiences for talent and clients. They’re also a lot easier to manage and measure performance to generate meaningful outcomes. 

How can technology for recruiters attract top talent?

Embrace connected recruiting

Connected recruiting empowers staffing agencies to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle. It’s no longer enough to have a mediocre portal and a few spreadsheets. You need to utilize technology if you want to win the race for top talent and deliver exceptional experiences. Purpose-built recruitment websites are the cornerstone of any successful digital strategy.

To recruit, hire, and onboard talent, you need to connect your team, processes, and data. By integrating your website with an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can create a seamless experience for candidates and recruiters alike. Disjointed workflows only frustrate candidates and cost you the best talent. This means poor workflows have a direct impact on client results.

Nurture a consistently engaged talent pool

From attracting candidates to onboarding talent, engagement must be at the forefront of your mind. The best recruitment technology will make it easy for you to engage talent and keep them in your pipeline – even when there are no job openings. Through an integrated ATS, you can continuously nurture your talent pool and keep them engaged.

A recruitment agency is only as strong as its talent pool and processes. With this in mind, you need to nurture your relationships with candidates systematically. By utilizing technology, you can keep them in the loop and let them know when a role that’s a match for their skills and experience opens up. The key is to make sure your recruitment website offers a seamless user experience, integrated with the technology your team are using.

Streamline workflows with integrations

By configuring your staffing website and ATS to work together, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and manual interventions. This will free up your team’s time so they can focus on delivering an amazing experience to candidates and do more client engagement and relationships building. The best integrations make it easy to share data between systems and automate repetitive, routine tasks that can be easily completed in an instant, with accurate data and analytics in play.

With technology on your side, team members can pour their efforts into high-value tasks, such as one-on-one talent interactions and client communication. This inevitably results in stronger relationships and improved business outcomes. Finding the perfect balance between technology and human interaction is essential to delivering positive experiences throughout the talent lifecycle. It takes a considered approach and needs feathering along and throttling up as part of a consistent process to iterate and improve your team’s operations. 

Recruitment Tech Stack (Key Components)

The best recruitment technology stack will help you power through the talent lifecycle. By taking advantage of connected recruiting, you can nurture your talent pool, streamline workflows, and deliver an amazing experience to candidates and clients. With scalable tools in your corner, there is no ceiling to what your recruitment agency can achieve using technology.

Recruitment Website Platform

Staffing Future’s ‘Future Build’ website design service equips your recruitment agency for the challenges of today. Our in-house design team will optimise user experiences to map the data structures for you to connect your recruitment website with your ATS, making it easier than ever to share data and automate processes. We develop stunning, conversion focused designed websites with an advanced job search platform and proprietary tools to enhance candidate experiences.

Candidate Search & Application Portal

If you don’t need a full website design and managed solution, we can still support your staffing agency by developing a bespoke candidate search and application portal. This seamlessly integrates and blends with the rest of your website, taking your site creative and putting your job search elements on a separate sub domain – usually The best candidate and client experiences are built on easy-to-navigate interfaces, strong traffic generating networks and highly-effective conversion tools.

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