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    Staffing Future Strengthens Market Position with Acquisition of 3DIQ

[Boston, May 13th, 2024] – Staffing Future, a leading provider of staffing and recruiting solutions, announced today the successful acquisition of 3DIQ, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing candidate presentation in the recruitment industry.

The acquisition of 3DIQ marks a significant milestone for Staffing Future, solidifying its commitment to innovation and enhancing its offerings for clients worldwide. By integrating 3DIQ’s advanced technology into its platform, Staffing Future will streamline recruitment, empowering recruiters to present candidates more effectively and efficiently.

“By combining talent and product, we are well-positioned to drive innovation and shape the future of staffing. As the marketing-leading website platform, we have historically focused on software features that will drive and convert candidate leads,” said Jack Copeland, CEO and Co-Founder of Staffing Future. “This strategic acquisition not only brings a fantastic team and product into the fold but allows us to adapt to market needs and support Staffing Companies in acquiring new clients.”

3DIQ’s platform allows recruiters to create visually compelling candidate presentations directly within their existing applicant tracking systems (ATS), enabling them to showcase candidates’ skills, experiences, and achievements more dynamically. This technology enhances the candidate experience and allows recruiters to differentiate themselves and attract top talent more effectively.

“This partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage our respective strengths and create even greater value for our clients,” said Andy Moss, Founder and CEO of 3DIQ. Together, we can deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses the evolving needs of the staffing industry.

As part of the acquisition, 3DIQ will continue to operate as a standalone product, providing seamless integration with Staffing Future’s existing suite of solutions. Clients can expect uninterrupted service and ongoing support as the companies work together to enhance and expand their offerings.

The acquisition of 3DIQ underscores Staffing Future’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering best-in-class solutions to its staffing clients globally. With a shared vision for the future of recruitment, Staffing Future and 3DIQ are poised to lead the industry forward and empower companies to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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About Staffing Future:

Staffing Future is a leading provider of staffing and recruiting platform solutions. It empowers recruiters with innovative technology to streamline their workflows and drive better outcomes in talent acquisition. With a commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to its clients, Staffing Future transforms how recruiters source, engage and hire top talent through a top-of-funnel approach.

About 3DIQ:

3DIQ is a pioneering platform that revolutionizes candidate presentation and marketing in the recruitment industry. By enabling recruiters to create visually compelling candidate presentations directly within their ATS and market them to prospective customers, 3DIQ empowers recruiters to showcase candidates’ skills, experiences, and achievements more effectively, driving leads and better outcomes in talent acquisition.

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