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    What Are The Latest Staffing Technology Innovations?

As we approach 2022, staffing agencies are progressively moving towards technology solutions over traditional, conventional approaches. Evolving and advancing Technology offers a much-needed “shot in the arm” for the staffing industry, streamlining procedures, boosting efficiency, and collecting valuable, actionable data. With evolving technology, IT companies and SaaS staffing website design companies such as Staffing Future offer technical support in installing the latest applications into your recruiting processes.

Ensuring the technology in and around your staffing website design is indispensable for strong, consistent and positive outcomes as well as high-quality candidate flow and new business lead flow. Likewise, strong website design offers a platform for staffing firms to harvest the best potential talent for the roles they’re working. Your website must be visible to your target audience, encourage candidates to assess opportunities and convert that engagement and interest into your recruitment process.

Today, digitalization, Automation, AI, technology innovations, etc., are the terms we routinely discuss with prospects and clients, as well as other trends with this accelerating staffing industry and technologies. With advancing technology, the staffing industry offers employers improved and responsive staffing services at a lower cost. The growing trend towards better automation and larger scale efficiencies is positively influencing the staffing industry’s underlying economic contribution to enable firms hiring to realize activity goals faster and drive successful business outcomes. Consequently, staffing owners that embrace the latest technology are better positioned to harvest growth and improve productivity better than ever.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the ways technology is influencing the staffing industry for all of us:


One of the most significant technological advancements is automation. Technology platforms are ensuring the administration of essential and repetitive, low value, high volume back-office tasks are executed routinely, empowering staff to focus on more useful activities like candidate engagement and qualification, establishing better customer relationships and focusing on developing new business leads.

Automation helps recruiters spend less time on routine, ordinary tasks and more time recruiting to fulfill client requirements. To build and maintain a strong relationship with your customers, candidates, and staff, an automated platform is a sensible choice. The utilization of advanced technology such as Herefish, Sense, or another comms tool, can create value by automating most of your staffing administration tasks. Technology helps reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks that are particularly dull but important.

Staffing firms are using IA to drive efficiency gains, speed benefits, and cost-effectiveness by converting routine tasks into highly productive and efficient, end-to-end systems and processes. Staffing agencies have been investing in automation technology at breakneck speed since the pandemic began, giving greater efficiency and more predictable outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Mobile Staffing Apps

Mobile devices have been used as advanced technology innovation for many staffing firms. Applicants, staffs, and clients now run their work from mobile devices. Built-in mobile staffing applications are converting the staffing procedure with an Uber-like, intuitive experience. There is a place for mobile apps, and some do help accelerate the process, fulfilling customer demands and candidate requests while decreasing business running costs. Many staffing industries that install mobile apps run huge volumes and are achieving strong results. A beautifully designed user experience and mobile-optimized website can often achieve similar breakthrough results if executed properly.

Conversational Systems and Chabots:

Chatbots are a software application that allows online chat conversation with users via text or voice communication – staffing agencies speed up their staffing process by engaging, processing, attracting, and converting more applicants at scale as well as disqualifying applicants from their process helping drive productivity. Staffing firms opt for a Chabot to improve the candidate experience as well as enrich data being passed into their ATS/CRM. Chatbots allow easy interaction for applicants without taking on additional time from a recruiter and often improve time-on-site and user experience. They can instantly answer frequently asked questions or queries and empower firms to better engage with their customers. Technology such as Herefish, Leadoo or Sense are all strong options.

The best applications within staffing comprise applicants’ appointments, scheduling, customer service, and customer care. To improve customer experience and meet user expectations, the addition of chatbots as a communication & engagement tool has become “table stakes” for many staffing firms.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of artificial intelligence is another massive technological innovation in staffing firms. Artificial intelligence (AI) is worthwhile in dealing with all aspects of staffing, providing cost-effective and highly efficient outcomes. The use of Artificial Intelligence has been tremendously valuable in offering both an advancement and an evolution in the realm of staffing requirements. AI adoption is accelerating across staffing firms, and the concept of artificial intelligence is expected to reach higher standards and ubiquitous adoption by the next decade. Technology such as Get Optimal are already deploying AI and ML in staffing agencies job ad writing process, right at the top of the funnel. Furthermore, AI and ML can be one of the best ways to automate particular functions, execute more competently and improve productivity.

Video interviewing:

Video interviewing is another great technology that has helped accelerate the hiring process in staffing agencies. Video makes for more efficient hiring processes, gives better data and objectivity as well as the opportunity to consistently interview and screen applications for a role. Helping lower costs, improving and systemizing hiring processes as well as accelerating your process are all good reasons to video interview applicants. The number of companies choosing to conduct video interviews increased by 67% in February-March, 2020. The current candidate shortage, a recovering economy, remote working practices and efforts to reduce the time to hire for clients, are encouraging staffing companies to video interview and screen applicants. Video interviewing platforms include Hinterview, SparkHire or Odro, and all technologies offer a better experience and convenience to the applicants as well as clients and consultants.

Final thought

In a nutshell, technology in any setting is driving a massive acceleration in staffing agency performance, service excellence, client delivery whilst improving the user experience for candidates and clients as well as the reputation of staffing agencies and recruiters.  Staffing agency business owners need to embrace this digital transformation in staffing, get used to deploying SaaS technology in their business process effectively and keep up with the competition. Get in touch with Staffing Future if you know you need help, and want to get started driving and iterating performance in your teams.