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    The Importance of a Good Staffing Website

If you are a staffing company, then a good staffing website is your first step and tool towards growth and success. A website gives your company credibility and a clear introduction out to the world as to what you do best and how do you do it. With a well-thought-out staffing website, you can help your visitors navigate seamlessly through various jobs lists, across industries, and make the task of staffing, simpler and quicker.

A digital presence in today’s world is not just about having a website. It is essential to be on the top of the search engine result’s page, as well. Prospective candidates and recruiters, alike, turn to search engines like Google and Bing, to start their search for the right profile. It is vital that your website shows up on the top search engine page results to ensure prospective candidates find out about your staffing website and through it, access your listings and find the perfect job.

A good staffing website should also be responsive and have a clean user interface. Did you know that about 86 percent of job seekers carry out their job searches on smartphones? This makes a responsive website indispensable. Having a website that functions well on mobile phones increases the traffic to the website, as job seekers find it easier to navigate through the content and job lists and apply to jobs through their mobile phones.

In this post, we discuss a few ways in which you can ensure excellent recruitment website design for your staffing and recruitment agency that will help you achieve all of the above and more.

Understanding your target audience

It is vital to understand the prospective candidates who visit your site in search of the job profile that fits them perfectly. However, to find the perfect fit, they need to go through multiple job listings and the descriptions. In order to make the task of job search easier for these candidates, staffing websites should simply focus on job aspects and the benefits of the profile; these are more likely to grab their attention.

Allowing easy application process

Easy online applications with minimal query fields and with an option to upload resumes to the website is a must. This helps applicants apply to more jobs and not get overwhelmed while applying to multiple postings.

Enabling easy navigation

Depending upon the number of job listings your agencies showcases on any given day, you can choose from having a simple list on the website, or one with a drop-down which helps candidates filter the listings. In case of more than 25 listings, you can even add a search tool where candidates can type in their requirement to find out the options that suit them best.

Using keywords and having SEO rich content

In order to reach the top of the search engine results page, there are some SEO tactics that every staffing website must incorporate. The first and foremost is using the right keywords to attract the right target audience. Ensure that you use long-tailed keywords and use them in the flow of content and that there is no instance of keyword stuffing. By updating your staffing website design with fresh content at regular intervals, you can ensure the website crawlers keep indexing your pages thus boosting your ranking.

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