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    JobAdder Integration With Staffing Websites

JobAdder Integration – Staffing Websites

If you don’t already have one, you need your staffing website design and integration implemented with JobAdder as soon as possible. If you head up a staffing agency with JobAdder as your ATS, we already have an integration so yours can be done as quickly as possible. JobAdder is an incredibly powerful, popular and capable ATS software. Maybe you’re starting out and wondering what the best ATS for your staffing agency is? Which ATS will drive your growth and help your agency perform better than your competitors? Here’s a quick summary of JobAdder and why we love integrating our world leading staffing websites with this world class technology.

What JobAdder Does For Staffing Agencies

JobAdder is a cloud-based applicant tracking system for staffing agencies brilliantly designed for recruiters and staffing agencies (as well as in-house corporate hiring teams). This staffing technology creates a massive advantage for staffing agency through AI, Automation, Mobile, User Experience as well as fabulous customer service. JobAdder is accessible and available where you have connectivity and (we might be biased here) we believe it goes one step further than your classic ATS. This is a comprehensive easy-to-use, breathtakingly simple CRM system that has an extraordinary amount of features..

Staffing Agencies Love JobAdder

Using JobAdder apps, you can view and update tasks, candidates, jobs, job applications, companies and contacts in real time. You can rate job applications, read resumes, cover letters, record interview notes and manage tasks with its incredibly user friendly interface. Online videos and training tutorials are available in the support area. This staffing technology is developed with mobile in mind and continually focused on improving the recruiter’s user experience.

JobAdder Takes Pride In Delivery

The JobAdder ATS has a simple interface with really user-friendly capabilities. Customisation is super quick and easy. Their support team pride themselves offering real-time assistance around the clock. Their customer rating of 4.34/5 means they’re regularly in the top 25 Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with JobAdder ranked high in the mobile and review categories. One thing we continually hear from our customers and prospects is that JobAdder customer service and tech support is outstanding.

Where Could JobAdder Improve?

Some of the areas where JobAdder scored low in the past were integration and media presence. Media presence you can dismiss. (this capable ATS focus on their customers.) In addition, a little time ago, there were improvements that needed to be made on their reporting capabilities, and speeding up the response time on product enhancement ideas/requests. We think this is largely due to their meteoric growth and scaling or growth they’ve been experiencing. We don’t find that an issue at all. In fact, it’s a compliment they’re growing so fast in an extremely competitive technology driven environment. There’s good reason for it too. JobAdder are focused on long term wins and significant, incremental wins for staffing agencies. They want to take on the market leaders and win. Staffing Future’s integration with JobAdder is extremely capable, reliable and robust. Our staffing agency clients love the integration and their websites perform and convert traffic consistently well.

Who Should Use JobAdder?

JobAdder is based in Sydney Australia and their primary focus (understandably) was Australia. JobAdder is now in more than 20 countries and has over 10,000+ users. This system is a great option for small and growing recruiting agencies, as well as in-house HR teams who need to optimise their recruiting efforts “…We estimate using JobAdder has reduced key administration time by 50%.” Jackson Keatinge, People & Safety. From attraction to day #1, JobAdder helps you get the best to join your team today & pipeline talent needed for tomorrow. Hiring Analytics PowerAdder gives you deep insight into your hiring activity & outcomes; focus on diversity and spot hiring gaps

JobAdder Integration + Our Websites

Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future comments “If your website is not matching your expectations or giving you sufficient ROI or just not working properly with JobAdder, if you need a new or existing website, integrated and connected to your JobAdder installation, get in touch.” Copeland continues “Your website is the external hub of your business, just as JobAdder is the internal hub of your business. Staffing Future do all the project management for your website integration with JobAdder. Moving websites and integrating JobAdder is a walk in the park for us – so you can focus on growing your team and your business.”

JobAdder Integration Process

Staffing Future apply custom design and in-built SEO to the staffing websites we design and build in house. We help staffing agencies grow, harness technology and take on the project management for you. We even write blogs for SEO if you want to grow your digital presence and promote your brand across search engines and job aggregators. With custom analytics, unlimited customer support, unlimited website pages and page templates backed up by regular account management (more frequent in the early stages) we continually iterate your website design forward, helping drive your success and revenue.

Bruce Stander, Staffing Future CTO comments “Thanks to our technology integration with JobAdder, recruiters post job ads on their own custom built staffing website and receive applications seamlessly. Before your website moves up to a live environment, (after a rigorous, thorough testing phase) we input your API key into your Staffing Future website and pass it to JobAdder Customer Support.”

Stander continues “JobAdder support simply move your account using these updated credentials so your consultants can carry on posting jobs to your jobs page instantly and start receiving applications into JobAdder.”

For more information about integrating your website with your JobAdder ATS, get in touch with the JobAdder Integration Team at Staffing Future. JobAdder pricing varies from year to year so instead of maintaining this page, here’s the JobAdder Pricing and you can request a JobAdder Demo here..