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    How Video Interviews can Help Attract High-Quality Candidates and Speed up the Interview Process

The demands of business and technology advancements have revolutionised every facet of business today. Recruitment has not been left out of this and there is a huge opportunity to harvest talent faster by leveraging technology better. Talent shortages and heightened competition between brands make it mandatory for every staffing agency to streamline their entire recruiting processes. 

One tool to accelerate hiring processes is video interviewing. Video interviewing is one of the latest staffing technology innovations, and is now considered mainstream and a must-have for companies wanting to attract top-quality candidates efficiently. It’s becoming more popular as data reveals that 60% of hiring managers and recruiters use video interviewing.

Ever wonder why video interviews have come to hold a special place in the recruitment space? Well, the answer isn’t a mystery. A comparison of video interviews and telephone interviews shows that the video blows the phones out of the water on various fronts. A study of 506 companies shows 47% of them use video interviewing to quicken the timeframe.

With that knowledge, we need to unwrap how video interviews can be used to attract high-quality candidates and speed up the recruitment process. 

6 Different Ways Video Interviews Help Attract Better Candidates and Speed up the Interview Process

Below are the various ways video interviews help brands attract the right candidates and shorten the hiring timeframe. 

Video Interviews Eliminate the Case of no-show Candidates

They say first impressions matter.

Those words hold true in the recruitment process. Spending hours waiting for candidates who end up not coming for the interview is one of the challenges that confront regular in-person interviews.

Absence from an interview reeks of unprofessionalism on the part of the candidate and wastes the time of the employer or recruiter.

However, video interviews effectively deal with that hurdle while simultaneously attracting better candidates and quickening the interview process. Candidates who don’t submit their responses to the one-way video interview are akin to no-show candidates. 

Thankfully, no time is wasted waiting in an office hoping they would walk in. The recruiter instantly moves forward with those who submitted their responses. 

This weeds out candidates with questionable dedication and drive. If a candidate can’t make the most of the latitude that a one-way video interview offers, they’re most likely subpar.  

Erase Time-Wasting Manual Work 

Organising in-person interviews ordinarily demands a great deal of administrative work. It involves so much back and forth via email or other channels of communication to pick a time that works best for the interviewers and candidates. This can prove exhausting and time-consuming for all the parties involved. There are tools available such as Cronofy, Calendy and other platforms that schedule interviews for all parties.

One-way video interviews nip this issue in the bud because they give candidates the freedom to answer questions when it suits them. There’s no need to worry about syncing schedules as a human interviewer isn’t required. 

Video interview software streamlines communication and collaboration. The various members of the recruiting team can weigh in on each candidate by sharing their thoughts via the software. At that point, decisions can be made on who will advance to the live-video interview phase. 

Separate meetings to discuss and rate the performance of the candidates would only be optional. This ensures that the interview process advances faster and that more candidates are assessed within a short space of time. 

Additionally, video interviews speed up the interview process by eliminating the need for chit-chat as the interview begins or ends. As helpful as idle talk can be in terms of getting to know a candidate better, it’s not ideal for a structured interview or when time is of the essence.

Video interviews save time by maintaining uniformity in terms of screening time.  

Video Interviews are Flexible

Courtesy of their flexibility, video interviews eliminate the time and geographical constraints that characterise regular in-person interviews.

This helps attract better candidates because it opens the doors to a much wider talent pool that cuts across cities, countries and even continents, as the case may be. High-quality candidates won’t be discouraged by the fact that the interview would be held in another location because their physical presence isn’t required.

Also, the time factor won’t be an issue because one-way video interviews are available for the candidates to answer the pre-recorded questions on their own time. Whether before, after or in between the day’s activities, the candidates can record their answers to the questions and submit them.

This flexibility equally ensures that the interview process moves along faster. Since time and space are not a concern, candidates will turn in their responses quicker, making it possible to move on to the next stage effortlessly. 

It Sifts Candidates 

By serving as a sort of filter, video interviews save time and also identify better-qualified candidates. 

The one-way video interview helps pinpoint candidates that are more knowledgeable than the others in the areas they have been questioned. Candidates that don’t answer the questions satisfactorily can be easily dropped, while those who nailed them can proceed to the live video interview stage. 

More so, video interviews give recruiters and potential employers the chance to study the candidates’ general body language and reactions to certain questions. Such non-verbal cues reveal each candidate’s level of engagement, tendencies and eagerness for the role. High-quality candidates will be better composed and exude confidence and interest in the job.

This insight saves the recruiter from having to spend precious time on one-on-one interviews with every single candidate. Only the cream of the crop will advance to that phase.

Video Interviews Help Candidates Present Themselves Better

Video interviews attract high-quality candidates by allowing all candidates to showcase the best version of themselves.

In-person interviews are typically characterised by tension. Candidates might stutter while answering questions, give half-baked answers or make any other mistake. This doesn’t mean that they don’t know the right thing to say.

But the reality is that we’re human and to err is human. Unfortunately, under such circumstances, you can’t unring a bell. Once the mistake is made, there’s no rewind. Even the most qualified candidates can fall victim.

Video interviews make it possible for good candidates to show that they know their stuff, thereby improving the candidate experience. If a candidate’s initial recording is unimpressive, the video interviewing software gives them the option to delete that video and record another.

This allows each candidate to repeat the process until they get a recording that portrays them in the best possible way. 

Video Interviewing Enhances Employer Branding and Reveals Company Culture

Video interviews invite quality candidates by creating a positive impression of your brand. Embracing such technology demonstrates that your brand isn’t stuck in traditional models of operation. High-value candidates understand the essence of keeping up with technological advancement in the business sphere. 

Once your business has a reputation for leveraging technology, your brand will become more appealing to these candidates who are eager to explore cutting-edge innovations. Statistically, displaying a positive culture can help your brand attract the top 20% of candidates.

In all candour, video interviewing is the silver bullet for various concerns in the recruitment space. If your organisation is yet to get on the video interviewing bandwagon, it’s crucial to rethink your recruitment process. With leading video software such as Shine, you can’t go wrong. Schedule a demo to see how our software can make your interviewing process glow.