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    How to Write Engaging SEO Rich Content for Your Staffing Website

If you are into the staffing and recruitment industry, by now you know how important it is to have a staffing website of your own. All businesses today need an online platform to attract a wider clientele and stay in constant touch with the existing customers.

Now, having a website for the sake of having one is not enough anymore, though. There will be hundreds of other websites that offer the same services. The need of the hour is to keep your customers engaged and make them stay on your website for longer. It is also important to have revisits to your website to ensure its success. All of this can only be achieved by sharing valuable and useful information on the page.

Apart from keeping your audience engaged, it is also important to increase the visibility of your website on the internet. This means that your website should show in the search engine result pages (SERPs) whenever someone looks for related information. This is how prospective clients or customers come to know about your business. For this, your website’s content has to be optimized for the search engines. SEO-rich content on your staffing website will get you better rankings on the SERPs.

Recruitment website design

Developing a website with meaningful and SEO rich content requires some detailed planning and strategizing. When designing a recruitment website, you have to decide on what you want to include on your website and where. You know who your target audience is and what information they might be looking for. Accordingly, you must decide what pages your website must have and how a user would navigate to these pages.

An optimized site structure is very crucial for user experience as well as for SEO. So, make sure that your staffing website design has easily navigable links from the homepage to the other pages of your website, such as the ‘vacancies page’ or ‘categories page.’ These internal links are great for SEO and also enable users to find relevant information easily.

Keyword usage

The importance of keywords in SEO is known to all. For a staffing website, the keywords that people type in for their queries may be of various categories. There are generic queries that do not include any specific industry or job location. Then there are industry-specific or location-specific queries. Some others may be job title specific. And lastly, there are long-tail keywords that are very specific queries, including everything from job title to location.

When designing your site and developing content for it, you must try to include as many relevant keywords as possible, albeit tactfully. Carry out thorough keyword research and find out which keywords can get you the highest number of clicks. Zero in on the most relevant ones and use them wherever they fit in.

Use crosslinks on your pages

Having crosslinks on your pages that direct the user to another relevant page on your website is a great way for users to discover new information and for search engines to discover useful content. So, this helps with both your SEO and user experience.

Categorize your content

Recruitment websites must be able to give users specific information. Adding as many category pages as possible, of course, without cluttering the website, can be great for your ranking. Optimize the content on the categories pages as Google’s algorithm also ranks pages based on the category they belong to. Good copywriting for a category page can take you a long way with SEO.

Apart from this, it is important to keep your website updated and sharing only relevant information. Optimize the content on each page, update expired vacancies and new ones, keep track of the most searched jobs, and stress on optimizing those posts for better visibility. A little research and some careful implementation of strategies are all you need to boost your ranking and attract traffic to your website.

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