Connected Recruiting: How to Place More Candidates

In the increasingly competitive talent landscape, it’s more important for recruitment agencies to elevate their talent experience and engage candidates at every stage of the talent lifecycle. Connected Recruiting is a methodology that empowers recruitment businesses to create an ever-growing, consistently engaged talent pool while lowering their cost of talent acquisition. Join Staffing Future, Bullhorn, Daxtra Technologies and Kyloe Partners on February…

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Candidate Attraction and Frictionless Brand Experiences

candidate attraction

Recruiting technology integration is increasingly important in modern recruiting processes. As competition for top talent intensifies, it is more important than ever for recruiters to find ways to attract, engage and retain the best candidates. One way to do this is by developing a frictionless candidate experience, which helps to streamline your recruiting process and…

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Candidate Flow (Leveraging Recruitment Automation)

candidate flow

Is your candidate flow firing on all cylinders? If you are struggling to successfully attract, onboard, engage, and nurture candidates, it’s time to look into leveraging recruitment automation and integrating your recruiting technology stack better. With no shortage of tools at your disposal, it is vitally important to ensure all tools and integrations are working…

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Recruitment Website Developers (6 Non-Obvious Questions To Ask)

recruitment website developers

When it comes to hiring recruitment website developers, there are a few key questions that you should always ask. By doing so, you help ensure that you find the right partner for your specific needs. In this guide, we will break down a handful of questions that you should ask when looking for a recruitment…

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Recruitment Website Design (How To Drive & Convert Top Talent)

recruitment website design

Is your recruitment website design effectively utilizing technology to reach and engage top talent? If not, you could be missing out on hiring the best and brightest in your industry. When it comes to staffing website design, you need to focus on function over form. The goal is to make it as easy as possible…

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Recruitment Technology (How To Build A Recruitment Tech Stack)

recruitment technology

Recruitment technology plays a pivotal role in reaching, engaging and converting the cream of the crop. To find the perfect “non active” jobseeker, the talent that’s “off market”, candidates that are “walk-in placements”, your agency must use and deploy the latest and greatest recruitment technology available effectively.  By automating time-consuming tasks, you can focus on…

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How Video Interviews can Help Attract High-Quality Candidates and Speed up the Interview Process

video interviews

The demands of business and technology advancements have revolutionised every facet of business today. Recruitment has not been left out of this and there is a huge opportunity to harvest talent faster by leveraging technology better. Talent shortages and heightened competition between brands make it mandatory for every staffing agency to streamline their entire recruiting…

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Careers Page Design (Building HR Staffing Website)

careers page design

Do you have your careers page design nailed down? Is it generating quality applications? In volume? If you are building a staffing website, it’s critical to get your careers page and job pages design right. This is the page potential hires visit to learn more about the positions you’re hiring for. Straight off the bat,…

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Recruitment Web Page Design (6 Essential Components)

Recruitment web page design can make or break your agency’s ability to attract top talent to meet client needs. At Staffing Future, we are firm believers in the “connected recruiting” methodology. This is about engaging talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle and utilizing technology to attract, onboard, and nurture prospective candidates. To design…

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Website Design For Recruitment Agencies (Essential Guide For 2023)

website design

To present your recruitment agency as a master matchmaker, you must first design a beautiful, functional website that attracts, nurtures and converts potential candidates and showcases your agency’s strengths. In 2023, a recruitment agency website design needs to do more than attract a steady flow of prospective candidates and clients. An effective recruitment agency website…

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