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    Bullhorn Engage 2024 Boston

Join Staffing Future at Bullhorn’s biggest conference right in the heart of Downtown Boston.

This event is a must for anyone considering switching to Bullhorn and eager to stay ahead of the curve. Bullhorn Engage 2024 showcases the latest tech innovations and reshapes staffing processes. From AI to design and automation tools, expect to dive deep into the technologies that set new standards.

Come network and connect with peers and partners. It’s more than just handshakes and business cards; it’s about forging relationships that could spark future collaborations and innovations.

Kicking things off, Art Papas, CEO and Founder of Bullhorn, will share insights on leveraging tech innovations to tackle industry challenges head-on. His session is a goldmine for anyone looking to upgrade their operational game.

The spotlight then shifts to AI and automation, with Matt Fischer, President and COO of Bullhorn, presenting a vision for innovation. His session will show how staffing agencies can harness emerging technologies to streamline processes, effectively engage talent, and boost productivity.

At the conference’s conclusion, Will Guidara, author of Unreasonable Hospitality and Founder of “Thank You,” will share his wisdom on how his experiences have reshaped staffing approaches. His insights on creating exceptional experiences are applicable across all industries.

Join us at Bullhorn Engage 2024, where the Staffing Future team will make a HUGE announcement that will bring crucial value to our customers.

Staffing Future is a Job Board and Web Development company for the Staffing Industry:

  • Candidate Portals
  • Tech Enabled Job Boards and Websites
  • Integration Platform for all things Staffing Technology
  • Candidate Marketing for Client Acquisition
  • Custom Workflow and Web Development

We can’t wait to see you there!