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    Bullhorn Integration – Staffing Websites

Staffing Website Integration with Bullhorn

If you’re using Bullhorn and need a new staffing website design integrated with the most popular ATS or Applicant Tracking System, Staffing Future has already integrated scores of websites with the staffing technology giant Bullhorn.

If you’ve just launched your staffing agency, are using a platform and not quite sure which one to move on to to grow your business, we integrate with lots of different ATS providers such as Bullhorn and understand which ones work best to suit different business models and team structures. We’ve designed, built and integrated scores of staffing websites for staffing agencies using Bullhorn, from huge to small. If you want some help, to know anything about data cleansing, integration or maintenance, then contact the staffing website and technology experts today.

Why Staffing Agencies Chose Bullhorn

Bullhorn has grown aggressively over the years and has bought a lot of other ATS providers to construct an ecosystem for staffing agencies that is flexible and effective. Bullhorn is a cloud-based ATS software designed to streamline management of all aspects of staffing and recruiting processes. Bullhorn’s comprehensive technology and integrations allow staffing agencies to track applicants quickly and easily, manage them through the recruiting process in a streamlined and centralized way,create, share and run time sheets as well as a lot of your business analytics to help run your business. Bullhorn allows recruiters and staffing agencies to personalize their experience with menus and layouts to achieve your desired layouts and business specific needs.

Because Bullhorn is striving to be the best and most used ATS, Bullhorn easily integrates with management systems, job boards already in use as well as multi-posting tools such as Broadbean and Idibu. Switching to Bullhorn is relatively simple and hassle-free. (If your data is clean) Bullhorn can be used on any device – mobiles, tablets, desktops… It’s super easy to operate and straightforward to set up if you know what you doing. if not, we have partners who can help. Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM and operations solutions for the staffing industry. Its automated data capture and customer insight technology helps companies engage candidates and win customers. Today, more than 9,000 companies rely on the Bullhorn platform to help increase sales, improve service delivery, and streamline operations.​

Staffing Future has a longstanding relationship with staffing’s leading CRM provider and offer clients a fully integrated end-to-end solution. Our staffing websites seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn’s CRM in a GDPR-compliant, single sign-on system.

Is Bullhorn Right For My Staffing Agency?

Bullhorn works brilliantly no matter the size of the staffing agency. It’s ideal for small to mid-size companies looking for growth and productivity. Thousands of US based staffing agencies use Bullhorn, in the UK and worldwide. Streamline, easy-to-use, with a marketplace to add a host of “ready to go” applications in the Bullhorn Marketplace – staffing business owners rarely move away from Bullhorn precisely because it’s so capable. Staffing agencies want different combinations and capabilities as well as outputs and improved business performance from their ATS and Bullhorn delivers. Bullhorn might not be right for everyone, and working with several staffing agencies across loads of different ATS providers, have an opinion on which ATS might work best for your business.

What are the strengths of Bullhorn?

One of Bullhorn’s greatest strengths is its simplicity and just how customizable the “out of the box” solution is. Bullhorn’s systems and processes are comprehensive, offering consultants and staffing agency leaders guidance and support in every step of the recruitment process and company migration.Bullhorn works on all Internet browsers across any device. Scalable, robust, secure and personalized, Bullhorn grows with your business and help your agency grow.

Bullhorn can be tailored to each and every user’s preferences in a few easy, logical clicks. The shortlisting functionality, as well as search and ability to view “Hire-Ready” candidates, is quite staggering, Consultants can scrape profiles from LinkedIn, as well as additional job boards used by the company. This effortless integration with your environment saves time, reduces errors and improves productivity and speed in your client’s hiring process. Bullhorn easily syncs with notes, mail, and calendars across devices, so you’re not managing lots of different silos of information and all your data is consolidated, accessible and trackable.

Is Bullhorn Right For All Staffing Agencies?

In a word, probably, and most of the time, absolutely. Bullhorn is incredibly powerful and works best for small to medium staffing agencies wanting to drive growth and productivity. Smaller agencies take advantage of the excellent applicant tracking but sometimes want a more capable all in one solution. Bullhorn is more likely to work its way into larger companies, but its focus on management of growth, company expansion and dominating your niche may be less useful to companies who are doing “just fine”.

Bruce Stander, CTO of Staffing Future comments “We’ve a deep integration with Bullhorn and clients have different levels of integration to chose from. Bullhorn is a key applicant tracking partner for Staffing Future. Staffing Future are featured in the Bullhorn marketplace and are one of Bullhorn’s leading website integration partners. This helps drive visibility of our staffing website design services for Bullhorn customers. With scores of clients websites integrated with Bullhorn already, our familiarity and expertise with this world class staffing technology system ensures staffing agencies roll out their new staffing websites with confidence.”

What are Bullhorn’s Ratings?

Bullhorn is rated 8/10 according to Trust Radius and is widely considered in the top 10 applicant tracking services. Bullhorn consistently receives high rankings and excellent customer feedback for ease of use, value and customer support. If you’re new to using an ATS, Bullhorn is streamlined, easy-to-navigate, simple to use with a high level of customization available.

Bullhorn Job Publishing

If you already have Bullhorn in use in your staffing agency, but want to upgrade from your basic “web publishing” option in your Bullhorn environment, Staffing Future have helped lots of similar agencies with the same issue. When staffing agency business owners see :

  • URLs for jobs are incomprehensible (not SEO or search term friendly)
  • Poor layout and the formatting needs improvement

That’s where Staffing Future can optimize the jobs pulled directly from your Bullhorn installation. As well as pushing your jobs out on various social media channels, emails and in different formats, your staffing website should be seamlessly connected to your Bullhorn platform, and enable you to push the blogs for SEO you’ve written, alongside brilliantly formatted jobs that are visible and convert better quality applications. Get in touch with our Bullhorn Website Integration team.

Bullhorn Pricing

Bullhorn pricing varies from year to year so instead of keeping this up to date here is a link to the Bullhorn Pricing.

Staffing Future are delighted to be in the Bullhorn marketplace as a full Bullhorn integration partner. With scores of clients on Bullhorn already, our familiarity and expertise with this world class staffing system ensures Bullhorn clients are assured their staffing website design integrates seamlessly with their Bullhorn installation.