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    Best Employee Retention Strategy For 2020

There are several staffing websites where candidates can browse jobs. 2020 brings an ocean of opportunities for those looking for a change in career.

While professionals look for better prospects in competitor companies, the human resource department has the responsibility to retain their best employees. The median tenure for workers aged 25 to 34 is 3.2 years. How does your employee tenure compare? And how can your HR department achieve or exceed this? Does your staffing agency have the best website design? Does your company website generate applications? Is your hiring process up to scratch? Follow these best practice employee retention strategies of 2020 and things should improve.

Hire Right Person For The Right Job

Hiring the right person for the right job is a difficult task, but not impossible. To start with, candidates must be informed of the role at the start of the hiring process. Do not be hasty and speed up your search for talent or your application process. A great recruitment website design that offers all the necessary information helps in the discovery and research phase of your applicant journey but knowing who you want to hire, why you’re hiring and what the real job and purpose of the role is once they start working for you is critical. You’d be surprised how many people follow what was has been done and not what they really need.

Assign a Mentor

One of the most crucial steps to employee retention is assigning a mentor, and not a supervisor, to the new hire. A mentor will be able to guide and mold him/her and provide a fresh perspective on how things are done in the office. This help with on boarding your new hires is crucial to help them get orientated in their new job and surroundings as well as navigate company systems and processes.

Communication Is The Key

An open and uncluttered line of communication makes employee retention much easier. Employees start to feel more comfortable and will contribute and share new ideas, as well as address their concerns. Communicating face to face on a regular basis also keeps them informed of the company’s growth and development, helping to build confidence.

Celebrate Success & Major Milestones

Most companies fail to celebrate their employee wins but are quick to point out how individuals can improve. By appreciating and celebrating success as well as milestones, such as years of service, client wins, great service, problem solving for the team, employees feel elated and wanted. They feel good about working there. Staff who feel recognized tend to stay on in the firm. Remember that appreciation can be verbal or written praise or even a surprise treat or party.

Team Bonding and Meals Out

It is a misconception that “praises and raises” are the only forms of compensation that boost morale. A company outing to a lunch, an experience or even just getting out of the office also enhances employee recognition and, in turn, helps in retaining them. Team outings and/or lunches make employees increasingly productive, which means that work efficiency goes up by default.

Offer Relaxed & Casual Work Environments

Professionalism in the office does not necessarily come with how employees are dressed. It can be demanded even with a relaxed and casual atmosphere in the office. This can be encouraged by offering a dress code, such as ‘business casual’, ‘dress down Fridays’, and such. This is a highly-appreciated strategy as it puts employees at ease.

Act on Feedback

Almost every company takes feedback. But do they act on it? Listening and initiating actions have equal importance to ensure retention. When employees have a platform to voice their concerns and get them addressed, it further builds employee morale. Seeing their suggestions or feedback acted on is really powerful and empowering. Your new hire will feel valued and that they are being listened to. Seeing action being taken as a result of one of their suggestions will make them feel like they are making a difference and can contribute as a team player. More importantly, that team is listening to them, showing initiative and acting on their feedback.

Offer Work-Life Balance

Advanced technology services can help your hiring process but employee retention connects to work-life balance. A healthy work-life balance is vital, and by encouraging the same among all workers, a business can successfully retain its valuable staff. If you ask too much of your new employee, they will probably begin to worry and may become less productive. No one can just keep on running, you need a break and to kick back once in a while. This is a great opportunity to enjoy time with your colleagues, get to know them better outside of work and what their motivations are. With these insights, you will be able to retain more staff more often and have fewer surprises when it comes to them moving on from their role.

While framing strategies to retain employees, the simple formula of happy = retained is easy to remember. The most crucial point to remember is someone who’s happy is more likely to stay in their position. Your employees will be more confident about speaking with you about any issues they have that might prompt them to leave. If you want to accelerate your staffing activity, get in touch.