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    What Does Engaging Content Look Like?

What Does Engaging Content Look Like?

Website optimization and quality content go hand in hand. While good keyword research and placement will boost traffic to your staffing website, great content will keep them there and build trust in your service.

Credibility-enhancing website content includes clear, grammatically correct and professionally presented descriptions about your staffing services; customer testimonials; and an informative blog. The content should be easily navigable (not too much scrolling), and scannable (HTML elements, bulleted lists, short paragraphs).

Then there’s engaging content, the hook that sows the seeds for what will hopefully be a long-term relationship with your customers. This content is not easy to create because it requires you to step into the shoes of your target audience and align to their needs and emotions.

A company may have concerns around not being able to find specialized IT skills, while recent graduates may have questions about median salary and labour market trends. Staffing agencies that not only sell their services impressively but also resonate with their audience are better positioned to grow their business than peers who are less customer focused.

What constitutes engaging content?

  • It provides answers: Your audience wants the facts straight, and actionable insights that help solve a problem, or leverage an opportunity. The value here is in getting something done that assures a material benefit.
  • It provides knowledge: Content with intellectual value creates the right perceptions about your company. While your target audience wants to primarily post their vacancy or check out jobs, a few will want to know how you’re different from your peers. Provide commentary, perspectives, data and opinions that help readers think bigger or differently in regard to different topics.
  • It inspires or affects: Popular content and content formats are similar in their ability to rouse emotions. Content that boosts confidence, gives hope, or offers caution – anything with emotional value to your audience will engage and connect them to you.
  • It is entertaining: This one’s easy – nobody wants to read drab content that drones on. Where there is scope, your content should draw a chuckle and relate to the intended audience on a personal level.
  • It is relevant: Content that is relevant to what your audience is facing right now will naturally engage them. Trends, recency and hot-button issues should all receive attention when planning topics for your blog.
  • Ideas to make your content engaging
    • Use infographics: Infographics are eye-catching and easy to understand (the human brain interprets and recalls images better than words). Consider this format to explain a process, compare statistics or present tips in a more fun way. This infographic design app works well
    • Leverage storytelling: As a narrative device, storytelling weaves readers in and helps them connect to your message more effectively than if you were to simply state the same talking points plainly. It works well when you’re broaching a new or rarely discussed topic of relevance to your audience.
    • Use high-quality images: Avoid inferior-quality stock photos. Find free image galleries with expertly taken photos and enough aesthetic value to support your textual content.

Even as you create engaging content, make it search-engine friendly by incorporating keywords that fit in naturally.

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