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Sara and Elise walked our team through every step of the process, leading to the final launch of our site. Despite the series of additional revisions, no matter how small or tedious, their team was timely in their responsiveness and communication. Their level of patience is admirable and truly an inspiration.

Since going live, how has your website performance/support/analytics/customer success been?

Outstanding. The live site is as functional as the staging site, exceeding the team’s performance, support, and customer success expectations.

In a few words, can you summarize your total experience with Staffing Future?

Staffing Future is phenomenal! The responsiveness and patience of this team are undefeated. They communicated everything with our team and educated us on best SEO practices, website functionality, etc. This team exceeded expectations in delivering a site that superseded the vision of our entire team (which is NO small feat). I am grateful to have worked closely with Sara, Elise, and their developing team. From concept the execution, they made this a smooth and straightforward process. I rave about my experience with Staffing Future to anyone that’ll listen. This team is truly remarkable! Thank you for delivering a site that exemplifies innovation and optimizing the digital experience for our clients and job seekers.