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    Staffing Website Design Emerald Talent Group

When Emerald Talent Group first approached Staffing Future to help with their new staffing website design, it was clear that far more was needed than a simple website design refresh. Emerald Talent Group is a woman owned, Executive Search firm recruiting top Marketing & Sales talent for high growth, mid market and enterprise companies across the US.  Emerald Talent Group had grown a lot since their previous branding was commissioned and a clear change was needed to ensure the whole business was heading into a bold new direction.

We looked at Emerald Talent Group’s branding before anything else, their business goals and examined their digital strategy in detail as well as their business process. Our design and strategy team took time to understand their staffing technology stack, business requirements and how we could improve ROI and achieve the business growth they are seeking. Taking this time to understand the type of design, appropriate page layouts and user experience required our in-house design team to understand the core of how best to represent this dynamic executive search firm in the best possible way, but also one that was going to create a modern website design that was future proof and could iterate forward.

Emerald Talent Group has so much in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of sales and marketing talent, it was clear the whole site needed a completely custom design to achieve their ambitions. Instead of having pages that all looked the same from a template, each website page was approached individually, whilst retaining a consistent corporate look and feel. This allowed our website design team to really target specific users on specific pages, focus on optimising traffic generation and conversion whilst ensuring all the content wasn’t just dumped on a page without consideration as to its purpose.

The final piece of the puzzle is to ensure Emerald Talent Group’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was not only maintained but improved on. Migrating all their pages and links from the old site was of the utmost importance to ensure no domain authority was lost and ensure no broken links were created. We set out a new plan for the future and work closely with Emerald Talent Group to ensure that they constantly grow their site, organic SEO at the same time as blogs for SEO.

Rob Spinger, Head of Website Design at Staffing Future comments “The challenge we had to overcome was to evolve the site into a high performance, high converting sales and marketing specialist staffing website whilst remaining true to Emerald Talent’s core brand values. The leadership team at Emerald Talent Group had a clear idea of what they wanted as well as the direction of travel and were always willing to incorporate constructive feedback.”

Lisa Crawford, Founder of Emerald Talent Group comments “As a woman owned, Executive Search firm recruiting top marketing & sales talent for high growth, mid market and enterprise companies across the US, we work tirelessly to earn the honor of working with our clients and customers by the way we show up, day in and day out. We needed a new website design and a refresh of our business process. We are particular about who we work with, because we operate to the highest standards. Staffing Future understands our commitment to this process of excellence, and in return, will help us progress and iterate our new staffing website design forward, growing our digital footprint, improving our business, giving us a stronger ROI and ultimately, improve our customer and candidate experience to strengthen our brand.”

“Emerald Talent Group are leaders in sales and marketing staffing solutions and talent sourcing. We’re pleased their new website design will help the business achieve a much stronger ROI as well as increased revenue.” Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future.