Beyond Tomorrow: What Recruiting Will Look Like Post-Pandemic?

Jack Copeland, CEO of Staffing Future shared how great staffing website design and staffing technology, integrated into your staffing business & recruitment process helps recruiters develop strong ROI and harvest revenue opportunities.

Jack was on the panel of experts from Staffing Referrals and TextUs to unpack the true impact #COVID19 is having on recruiters, what learnings we will take away to improve and how we can move forward.

Technology Improves Your Staffing Business Process

Technology has always driven change, the race to be faster, first, more efficient won’t ever stop. A lot has changed in the last decade but this year has seen a forced and complete drive for modern staffing website design that’s fit for purpose, integrated with staffing technology to help solve some pressing business issues that have come under the microscope recently because of Corona virus and staffing agency remote working.

Did you miss this must attended session with the leading lights of our industry. Watch how great staffing websites and technology can drive your business forward.

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