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    Staffing Future Announces Integration Partnership with LaborEdge

In a significant move for the recruitment industry, Staffing Future, a prominent technology and solutions provider, has announced a new enhanced partnership with LaborEdge, an innovative medical staffing ATS software firm. This collaboration aims to bring revolutionary changes to the recruitment sector, especially in healthcare staffing.

Staffing Future, known for its cutting-edge technology solutions, has been a game changer in the recruitment industry. Their platform provides staffing agencies with the tools for efficient and effective recruitment processes and candidate attraction. By integrating with LaborEdge, a leader in medical staffing software, Staffing Future is poised to enhance its offerings significantly.


LaborEdge’s platform is renowned for its intuitive design and comprehensive features that streamline the staffing process in the healthcare sector. It offers an all-in-one solution for healthcare staffing agencies, including candidate sourcing, compliance management, and job matching.

The partnership between Staffing Future and LaborEdge is set to create a more robust and efficient ecosystem for healthcare staffing. With Staffing Future’s expertise in technology and LaborEdge’s specialized software, staffing agencies can expect unparalleled service. This synergy promises to deliver a seamless experience for both recruiters and healthcare professionals.

Joining forces with LaborEdge in a more sophisticated integration marks a significant milestone for us,” said Bruce Stander, CTO of Staffing Future. “Their specialization in the medical sector complements our technology-driven staffing platform approach, allowing us to offer an even more comprehensive solution to our joint clients.”

This integration will enable staffing agencies to access LaborEdge’s specialized features through Staffing Future’s platform, creating a unified, streamlined experience. It’s a win-win situation where agencies can leverage advanced technology to improve operational efficiency and client outcomes.

The healthcare industry, constantly facing staffing challenges, stands to benefit greatly from this partnership. The integrated platform will help agencies to match the right healthcare professionals quickly and efficiently with the right opportunities, ensuring better patient care and more effective healthcare staffing delivery.

This partnership is not just a step forward for Staffing Future and LaborEdge; it’s a leap forward for the entire healthcare staffing industry. As the world continues to face healthcare staffing challenges, this collaboration is timely and promises a significant positive impact.