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    Staffing Agency Growth Guaranteed With This Strategy

How To Grow Your Staffing Business In A Tough Market

Usually, organizations adopt a traditional recruitment approach where they search for candidates without really filtering out their targets. This means high-volume, database searching, and job posting is usually done on various job boards, employer websites and the best staffing agency websites as well as job boards.

However, the issue with this is that it can be difficult to reach great and promising candidates from a diverse pool. Often, the applicants you want to engage with the most are not looking on the job boards or looking for a new job at all. Moreover, organizations often search for either a permanent employee or a contingent employee, but the truth is that in today’s market, organizations benefit most when they adopt a recruitment strategy that blends both permanent and contingent employees.

You can adopt a blend or a hybrid recruitment strategy that incorporates both traditional and headhunting (search and selection) methods, as well as permanent and contingent employees. There are several sound business reasons recruiters wanting to grow revenue should consider changing course:

Recruiting strategy focused on needs

The great thing about hybrid recruitment is that it allows you to focus your recruitment efforts on the exact needs of your business. So, instead of being constrained by time pressures and stressed out by high-volume targets, you can take the time to understand the kind of employee that needs to fill the vacant position. This allows you to channel your recruitment efforts towards the right pool of candidates because you know exactly what your organization needs and the kind of employee it would take to fulfill that need. The best staffing agency websites will do that effortlessly.

Recruit from a larger pool of higher quality talent

While recruiting, having a pool of candidates large enough to take your ideal pick from is critical. When your options are limited, you often have to settle for something less, and this is not ideal for your business. So, your organization needs to reach a wide group of candidates, whether they may be actively looking for a new job or not. To do so, you need to adopt a hybrid recruitment approach. It allows you to reach the best talents in your industry and help you make sure that no candidate goes unnoticed during the application process.

Access the growing contingent workforce

The number of contingent employees is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. As these types of temporary workers seem to be on the rise, your organization would do well to invest in hiring them, and a hybrid recruitment approach helps you do exactly that. In fact, 80% of huge corporations report that they plan on taking advantage of the growing number of contingent employees, so why shouldn’t you join too?

Recruit to improve retention rates

If you are looking for permanent employees who are a great fit for your company rather than contingent employees, then a hybrid recruitment approach can help you find them too. When it comes to hiring staff, organizations need long-lasting employees with high-quality talent and fit well into their company, and to find such candidates, a hybrid recruitment approach is the best way to go alongside the latest  advanced technology services. Besides, an employee who fits right into your culture is likely to be more satisfied and productive, and contribute to a harmonious and positive engagement with other workers.