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Agency Recruiters
Acquire top talent faster than ever with a little help from LogicMelon – their software and expertise make it easy for you to deliver an excellent experience

Hire the best person for the job, on a recruitment platform that provides automation where you need it.

Search and source from your talent pools.
Optimise your job adverts for higher engagement
Analyse and multi-post job adverts
Manage applicants and engage effectively
Minimise time to hire and maximise the experience.

Candidate management made simple with smart recruitment software
Processing over 4.5 million job applications every month, Logic Melon are leading the way in recruitment solutions. Posting jobs, sourcing candidates, applicant tracking and performance reporting.

Fully optimise your recruitment strategy
LogicMelon is end to end: posting jobs, sourcing candidates, applicant tracking and performance reporting. Streamline the whole process to save you time and reduce your costs.

Fantastic technical support that’s free, forever
Setup for success from the start. Logic Melon’s service promise is to ensure you have an exceptional experience and they want you to make the most and get the best from LogicMelon.

Logic Melon’s Success team are available 8.30am – 10.30pm, so you can rest assured that help is on hand with a quick response when you need it.

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