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Senior Project Manager
Experience More Than 5+ Years

More About Sara...

Sara comes with a strong background in event management leading her into the role of Senior Project Manager at Staffing Future. She has spent 12 years in hospitality with elaborate events on yachts, private estates, and venues. At the height of the pandemic, she switched over to a new world of websites and technology in August 2020. Her fine eye for details and project management skills have been a huge addition to our growing business. 

“Both Jack and Bruce have been incredibly encouraging and supportive while working at Staffing Future. We really have a family atmosphere as we all help each other learn and grow. I love my PM department (Tom & Jake) as we are truly a collective of knowledge when we are building new processes and other badass PM duties.”

You can find Sara in a spin class or making a spreadsheet for no reason when she isn’t working. She and her fiancé love to travel and explore new areas.