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Maximise Your Staffing ATS / Recruitment CRM

Multi-post your vacancies to all your job-boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Indeed. Produce a constant pipeline of fresh talent delivered straight back into your recruitment software


Fresh Talent

Create a constant pipeline of fresh talent, delivered directly into your recruitment CRM with idibu’s job multi-posting service.

Job Visibility

Post your jobs across the net in minutes! Attract candidates from thousands of job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and all major aggregators such as Indeed, JobRapido etc.

Drive Productivity

Simplify your workflow and increase consultant productivity with our industry leading Recruitment CRM integrations. The Idibu posting engine is integrated with all major recruitment CRMs and ATSs and is designed from the ground up to maximise your connecting software.

Fresh looking, easy-to-use interface means your jobs go out directly from your CRM with the least amount of clicks possible.

Better profiles + better process = faster shortlisting

Track, assess and manage all applicants easily with idibu. Data rich candidate profiles give you a detailed overview of skills & suitability to help you make better decisions, faster. Review the original resume inside your recruitment CRM with no need to download.

Social Media

Social media links direct to candidates’ pages provide easy access to interests and motivations. Once reviewed, easy-to-use traffic light filters progress people quickly back into your CRM

Applicant Onboarding & Automation

Advanced auto-responders take the strain out of candidate communications throughout the initial stages of application keeping applicants in the loop and enhancing the candidate experience. Quick processing of candidates can be done on the move, anytime, anywhere, anyplace with the brand new idibu mobile app.

Analytics and ROI

Find out which talent acquisition channels are working and which aren’t with our advanced reporting suite. Sixteen distinct reports monitor and track activity to provide detailed analytics on ROI, consultant and team performance.

Track application sources and find out which channels are providing quality candidates and which are just noise. Get source information straight into your recruitment CRM so you can see exactly where the top talent is coming from.

Advanced Technology

Idibu use webhook technology (including Zapier) to send your data into other systems you use – from Google Sheets to machine learning analytics, or other applications that form a part of your business. You can even set up automated triggers to send accepted candidates a psychometric test. Just one of many automated tasks idibu offer as standard to bring you closer to your candidates and speed up your your workflows.

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