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Paiger is on a mission is to change the way staffing companies and recruiters recruit by giving them the social media content marketing software they need to market themselves and their business. Paiger automatically advertises a recruiter’s roles onto LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook in a way that is proven to increase applications, while suggesting industry-relevant content by SMS for you to share in one click – ensuring you’re delivering more value to your candidates and clients than ever before.

Passive Candidate Attraction
While your audience is reading the content you’ve shared on your social channels, Paiger will overlay one of your latest roles to attract passive candidates.  You can track your website visitors in Google Analytics and improve the quality of your applicants by using social media to recruit top talent that aren’t actively looking for a job.

Automatic Spell Check & Gender Bias
Spelling mistakes will stop people applying for your roles and negatively affect your SEO. Paiger will monitor your advert quality and email you if he finds something wrong. Paiger also understands which job adverts will put females off from applying and will alert you when this is the case so you can take action. That’s worth including in your pitches for new business.

Website Monitoring
If your website is down, people cannot apply for your jobs. You could be missing out on applications and not even know about it. Paiger will monitor your website every minute and alert you when it’s down. Paiger will continue to monitor and tell you when it is back up and how long it was down for so you know the impact it had on your business. Book a Demo and tell Darren Westall, Paiger’s Founder & CEO, the guys at Staffing Future said “Hi.

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Save time. Grow your brand. Increase website traffic.