Weaponizing recruiters through Tech.

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The Recruitment Weapon
Purpose-built for recruitment and staffing agencies. The all-in-one platform, pre-integrated from day one.

Applicant Tracking
The only recruitment ATS embedded with business intelligence, laser-focussed on helping you make more placements in less time. Vincere is the all-in-one platform for recruitment and staffing agencies worldwide. Designed to weaponize recruitment businesses through cutting-edge tech, Vincere’s suite of modules are natively built and pre-integrated from day one.

Recruiting ain’t rocket science
So Vincere built an ATS that gets the basics right for staffing agencies. See all jobs, candidates, applications, placements in one powerful view. This is Where Consultants Live The ultimate pipeline providing visibility, accountability and drives execution.

Meaningful Automation
Put repetitive admin tasks on autopilot: resume parsing, interview scheduling, onboarding and compliance. Turn all hours of the day into billable hours.
A battle-tested workflow for recruiters. Everything you need to help manage every stage of the recruitment process.

Industry-leading Search
Use our multi-dimensional search tool to uncover the needles in the haystack.
Seamless job posting
Advertise your jobs on leading job boards and let the applications roll in.
Source from LinkedIn
Minimize data entry. Find & add new candidates to your database in one click.
Email & Calendar Sync
Work faster and engage with candidates effectively with two-way inbox sync.
Track every touchpoint
All activities and emails are automatically tracked so you get a 360-degree view of all interactions.
Send candidates to clients
Spec out candidates or send them in bulk using the LiveList™.
Native mobile apps, of course. Whether you’re standing in line for coffee, riding in a taxi or on a train, Vincere makes the perfect pocket companion. Swipe right to shortlist, view resumes, search and more.

Client Relationship Management
A robust contact & account management pipeline to track all your BD efforts. More leads, more jobs equals more money.
Job Posting
Get your jobs in front of millions of candidates within minutes and let the applicants roll in.
Ramp Up Internal Comms With Your Own Slack / MS Teams Hybrid
VinnyChat removes boundaries by helping you stay connected in-real time so work can move forward seamlessly. ‘Cos teams that collaborate make more money.
Client Collaboration
Impress clients by offering a unique service your competitors can’t. The LiveList™ is a client portal built for 2021 & beyond. It’s a new way of differentiating in a crowded market.
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One platform to accelerate growth

Vincere ATS platform

Vincere Engage – The all-in-one Staffing Website for Recruiters
The quickest way to publish a fully-branded recruitment website complete with candidate and client portals.
The Simpler Path to Candidate Attraction
Applications and CVs go directly into Vincere. No more data entry. Get more applications with Vincere’s Job Portal – the quickest fuss-free way to create or add a branded job board.
Easy to Manage
Self-serve admin tools to change settings matched to your needs.
Your Mission Control. This the ultimate recruitment analytics combo: AI, pre-built or fully bespoke. Houston, we no longer have a problem…
Dominate. Or Be Dominated.
Isolate barriers to growth and identify the actions to take. Access a library of 50+ best-practice dashboards…or build your own.
Customize & Build Your Own Dashboards
With 150+ pre-connected data sources, build custom reports and create dashboards specifically tailored for your business.
Activity, Goals, AI Forecasting & Fees
Obtain actionable insights & enhance smarter decision making. Improve the performance of every individual and team.
Slice & Dice in Real-time
Apply filters to see what you need quickly. Drill down by brands, branches, teams and individual consultants. Slice by currency, job categories and custom dates.
Gamify Recruitment
Show your top billers on the big screen. Tap into recruiters’ competitive nature and instill healthy competition within the team.
Vincere Pay & Bill
Scale Your Contract Book. Not Your Back Office.
This is your complete temp & contract management tech stack all pre-built, pre-integrated and synchronized from the get-go.
Manage Availability & Schedule Shifts
Create shift schedules, search available workers, shortlist and/or book assignments in seconds. This is the TOP GUN of schedulers. Built for speed, for those that feel the need…
Track Time, Leave & Expense
Online timesheets, hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly. Built-in pay rule engine, DoorClock, mobile app, overtime averaging, approved timesheets auto create invoices.
One System of Record
Make all changes inside Vinny and it will sync with our Pay & Bill module. All data is fed back into Vinny. A two way sync that flows back to a single source of truth.
One Platform, One Source of Truth
Now all reporting can be done from one system.
Intelligence is our embedded analytics platform that provides a mix of sophisticated out-of-the-box dashboards with a market-leading self-serve option for larger, complex business needs. It’s no longer about who you know, but what you know that counts.
Links to Any Payroll Provider
Vinny’s export scheduler lets you export your data to virtually any payroll provider. Choose your fields, reorder, rename then pick the day / time for your export. No expensive integrations or migrations required.

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Weaponize your recruiters through tech.

Weaponize your recruiters through tech.