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People want to know WHO you are and WHY you’re the recruiter of choice.

The Scoop was built as a branding platform for recruiters to show more…

  • Do more to stand out and amplify your recruiter’s brands, jobs, and presence on LinkedIn.
  • A fully customisable space to package podcasts, bios, candidates, adverts, social proof and testimonials.

Build a consistent presence in your market.

  • Show more of what clients, candidates, and recruiters need to make their decisions easier
  • Animate your posts on Linkedin with GIFs. An easier way to get your talent seen
  • Present candidates to companies, and companies to candidates in a better way

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  • Show your value and your jobs in a more engaging way
  • Maintain control & visibility over how your recruiters are marketing. The best extension of a client, candidate, company, or agency.
  • Wrap marketing, personal branding, and recruitment together in the simplest way
  • Add transparency to the process and preserve anonymity of the people
  • A faster and more detailed representation for recruiters to attach to outreach
  • Technology that auto-populates your sales collateral & job ads with a single click

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