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TargetRecruit is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Solution that is fully customizable and part of an ecosystem of integrated apps. From front office to middle office, we have combined a powerful and flexible ATS with the world’s #1 CRM program. Request a demo.

Applicant Tracking Software
Find the right people and fill positions fast. Match any hiring volume, fill any niche. Our ATS speeds and streamlines talent acquisition, increasing your quality of hire while decreasing costs. TargetRecruit was designed to get all of your clients and candidates to the finish line.

Middle Office
Stick to what you do best and leave the back office to us. Monitor, manage, and make decisions with a single solution. Timesheets? Got it. Invoicing? Check. Billing and payroll? Done. With TargetRecruit, everything is fully automated and designed exclusively for your business.

Candidate Presentation
Put your best candidate forward. Both substance and speed are critical to presenting your candidates in the best possible light, at the best possible time. We make it easy to generate branded presentations and share them quickly. Move all of your candidates to the top of the list.

We’ve cracked the code on credentialing. Now you can manage and score with ease and select the most compliant candidates. Get healthcare hiring right, and right the first time.

CRM is all about building better customer relationships. It’s sales, marketing, forecasting and more, all in one. CRM helps translate these different data streams into business success. And we are built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform. So you know your business will be built by the best.

Ask questions, spot trends, and reveal opportunities. Bring your data alive with interactivity and bold graphics. Build any Dashboard you want with ease. Tell your company story in a compelling way and make decisions with confidence.

E Signature
Sign contracts and documents from anywhere. Accelerate your digital workflow with eSignatures from DocuSign, our technology partner and eSignature industry leader. Now close business in minutes, not days.

Job Boards
Find more candidates, submit more applicants. With TargetRecruit, you can post to over 200 job boards within our system, including LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Attract more applicants. Engage more leads. Expect big results.

Portals boost satisfaction and loyalty because self-service done right gives you an edge. With secure access and sleek design, our custom branded portals ensure your candidates, employees, clients, and vendors get what they want, when they want it.

Whether creating or consuming reports, enjoy highly customizable and highly interactive presentations of your most valuable data. So add, edit, and publish with easy-to-use tools for getting the most out of your information. Start making smarter decisions today.

Vendor Management Software
TargetRecruit is one platform that connects your talent and vendor worlds. Harness the power of automation and manage today’s flexible workforce across multiple channels. No more silos. No more fragmentation. Just high performance from requisition to payment.

Workflow Automation
Automate actions based on your organization’s processes. Update data, notify people or assign tasks – automatically. At TargetRecruit, workflow automation means giving you the power to radically change your business outcomes.

“Mundane processes have been automated or eliminated, and staff and management have real-time access to important information. We are a much stronger and smarter company as a result of the implementation of TargetRecruit.” FRANK FORBES, Chief Financial Officer at MedPro Staffing

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