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Talent.com (Neuvoo) was founded in 2011 in Montreal, is established in 80+ Countries with 200+ Employees, 6 Offices Worldwide 1000+ network partners

All jobs listed on Staffing Future websites are posted to Talent.com free and automatically for our clients driving quality organic traffic for your website. Conversion tracking is set up in Analytics, regularly reviewed in our Site Performance Management meetings so our clients know exactly where applications are coming from so can track ROI.

Staffing Agencies and recruiters can also sponsor their vacancies to get more candidates, applications and push specific job titles and/or locations. Even better, there’s no tie in contract for staffing agencies. You can attract more candidates by paying to sponsor your jobs. Sponsored Jobs appear on the top of search results, and typically get 10x more clicks and an uplift in conversion of 15-20%.

Jobs posted through Talent are listed in Google for Jobs search results. Over 100,000 salaries in their database gives candidates the most info for their job search. Calculate taxes, convert, and compare salaries.

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40,000,000+ Jobs & Salaries Worldwide. 1,000+ Targeted partners driving quality applications for your vacancies. In addition, with pixel tracking, we can tailor and hone advertising activity to drive stronger ROI and improve advert response quality and business performance.

Staffing Future clients can buy Pay Per Result Advertising, to get your jobs get top visibility in all relevant searches and are included in our targeted email alerts and job network.

Access Talent’s unique audience, enjoy personalized service and the flexibility your business can expect.

Talent’s unique job search tools allow multiple applicants to find the best opportunity. Staffing Future act as your Account Manager plus we have a Performance Analyst to drive ROI for your spend. Talent business solutions are adapted to the needs of each client. There’s no contract, full tracking and conversion tracking using pixels to refine and improve your vacancy advertising performance.

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Find The Right Talent Faster.