Personalize, automate, and optimize every candidate journey.

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The smart talent engagement and communication platform built for staffing.
Recruit, retain, and redeploy top talent with robust communication and analytics tools. A game changing upgrade for your team, talent and bottom line. Outsmart, outperform and out-delight your competition.

Make happy talent your competitive advantage. Personalize, automate, and optimize each step of the candidate journey. Organise a demo

Automate Manual Tasks
Scale communication and increase productivity by automating time-consuming follow-ups.

Personalize Messaging.
Build relationships with customized communication via email and text messaging.

Listen and Act
Stay informed about potential issues and fix problems early to reduce turnover.

Measure Success
Track and analyze NPS trends, pulses and other important metrics for your business.

Get Texting with Sense Messaging
Staffing is personal. Your communication strategy should be, too. Use Sense Messaging to build stronger relationships, grow your talent pool, and make more placements at scale, all while maintaining that essential one-on-one human connection. Sense’s powerful two-way texting tools blend centralized record keeping and customized workflows that integrate with your ATS – so your team can do more with less manual work.

Right Time, Right Place.
Smart workflows use existing data in your ATS to trigger and personalize messages. Texts and emails come from your team and arrive at just the right moments to keep talent feeling connected.

Set It and Forget It
Your team knows what ideal candidate engagement looks like, but probably struggles to make it happen. Create the perfect cadence of welcomes, reminders, and check-ins for each stage of the contractor lifecycle with Sense’s journey builder. Then leave the “how” to Sense.

Keep It Personal
Go beyond automation and connect when it matters most. Sense monitors contractor feedback and engagement and gives your team early warnings so they can troubleshoot.

Ask And You Will Receive
Your talent sees new opportunities and already knows the right people to refer. Sense finds the right time ask your happiest contractors for referrals and online reviews.

Act On The Cues You’ve Been Missing
Sense synthesizes valuable insights on your business by combining contractor engagement data and feedback with data in your ATS. Keep a pulse on NPS and other key trends. Uncover hidden obstacles to contractor and client satisfaction that you can fix.

Company Executives
Get a bird’s-eye-view on talent performance and trends to drill down into the health of your business in real time.

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Put Sense at the heart of your business.

Put Sense into the heart of your staffing business.