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Programmatic Media and Job Marketing
Creating a balanced mix of media solutions to amplify your recruitment marketing.

RedDotmedia only represents companies and buyers, not job boards, ensuring zero conflict of interest. And, unlike other firms, RedDotmedia don’t ask for any commitment having to earn your business each month.

Job boards are not dead
BUT, Nearly every employer uses them as their primary source. The downside of popularity is that everyone is there. The other downside with job boards is only people looking for jobs are reached. You can put up an ad and hope someone finds it, or you can put the ads where they have to see it.

Success relies on the ability to differentiate
Go where others don’t know how to get to, or are too afraid to go. Staffing or recruitment marketing does not need to be constrained to the same old recruitment marketing channels.

Who, or just what exactly, is Reddot Media?

RedDotmedia are the alt-harmonica rock band whose song you hear on the radio and then immediately have to tell everyone around you that you saw us in 2007 in a dive bar in Denver with like, only 30 other people.

RedDotmedia are like putting Avocado on Toast when everyone else is still holding the butter knife.

RedDotmedia are the Tom Brady’s deflated football. The cork in Sammy Sosa’s bat. We can’t tell you everything we do here, then it would not be a secret menu now would it, but our ingredients include creative, social media, social media sites you’ve never even heard of, targeting, retargeting and frugality.

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