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Empowering Recruitment and Talent Acquisition leaders worldwide…
Make smarter decisions about the technology you use, with Rectec’s unique Vendor Intelligence Platform.

Looking for Recruitment Technology?
Technology is more important than ever before, so making the right decision about the software you use is critical. Identifying the right tools for your business can be a daunting task, and with so many solution providers out there, where do you even start? You could give our team a call or get in touch or you could use Rectec Compare.

Rectec Compare is a unique Vendor Intelligence Platform, designed to help Recruitment and Talent Acquisition leaders to quickly and easily conduct a comprehensive market review. With Rectec Compare, you can identify the perfect recruitment technology for your business, in minutes. Sound interesting? Read on…

Applicant Tracking System Comparison and Consulting Services | ATS Comparison

Rectec Compare is your Vendor Intelligence Platform. Using a comprehensive suite of validated vendor data, Rectec empowers your staffing agency to quickly and easily compare and evaluate vendors, based on your specific business requirements. This saves enormous amounts of time and effort required to manually research the market and evaluate suppliers, and provides greater confidence in your technology buying decisions. Rectec Compare automates your vendor shortlist and provides you with the tools and the information you need to fully evaluate your shortlisted suppliers.

Staffing Future is partnered with a wide range of industry-leading ATS / CRM solution providers, and Rectec Compare brings a unique staffing technology perspective to your marketplace… Interested? Get in touch!

Make smarter decisions about the technology you use

Make smarter decisions about the technology you use