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Improve your candidate experience, your consultants’ skill sets and your bottom line.

The Recruiter Insider Difference

Managed from a simple, visual dashboard. Recruiter Insider requires no configuration or technical administration skills. All results are automatically collated and measured, providing you with immediate insights and bench-marking results, both within your business & to the industry.

Identify skills gaps that impact the hiring outcomes

Recruiter Insider helps you better understand your team’s performance in real time. Where they are succeeding, where they are struggling and how you can help improve themselves. With easy to understand dashboards, all the data and insights you need is right at your fingertips.

Global, regional, country, team & individual consultant leader boards and performance insights. Fast & easy identification of business wide & consultant performance improvement opportunities Live, updated and automatically bench marked data, internally & externally

Candidate & Client Referrals

Provide an exceptional candidate experience and be rewarded with a quality candidate you can place and generate more revenue!. Have your clients recommend someone within their own business or elsewhere and help drive new business revenue. We automatically track every referral.

Live feed from Recruiter Insider

Automatic collection of testimonials from candidates and hiring managers are a great way to share good news with the team. With a click of a button, publish any testimonial to your website using our customizable widget and you can also share your success with everyone.

Build unrivaled trust & value

Build unrivaled trust and value with your clients by providing data on the experience they provide during the hiring process. Change the conversation, truly partner with your clients and win new business by differentiating your value proposition to that of your competitors.

Super simple integration

Staffing Future will manage and integrate Recruiter Insider with the industry-leading ATS platforms for agencies and companies including Bullhorn and JobAdder where there is an integration already.  For other ATS platforms, we will manage the integration for you as well. Implementation with Recruiter Insider is super quick and simple. All of your feedback is gathered without any additional effort by your team.  Simply go about your business and analyse the data!

Recruiter Insider. Drive Your ROI.

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