RECII - Staffing AI Voice Software

Recii AI Voice Software

Recii – The leading VOICE staffing platform for hiring talent.

RECii takes care of repetitive and time-consuming recruitment processes, so your team can focus on what they’re best at – building relationships and placing more candidates.

Voice-driven AI Powered Conversations
Automated conversational engagement at scale

Simplify your hiring workflow
Let Recii ask targeted questions and pre-qualify candidates at scale

Re-engage with Talent in your database
Automated outreach to capture the value in your retained candidate data

How long do you spend screening candidates?
You can use RECii’s conversational AI platform to engage with candidates across text, voice, web-chat and WhatsApp. Helping you to reduce your candidate engagement costs, whilst significantly increasing response rates. With Recii, you could see a 70% increase in productivity

Increase the value of your CRM and ATS?
Get better results from your existing staffing agency database. RECii enables you to capture value from your database. You can simplify your talent attraction and reduce your candidate acquisition costs, so your staffing agency stays ahead of your competition in the hugely competitive talent market. Recii usually creates 15% forecast increase in earning potential

How accurate is your data?
RECii analyses your current candidate data and capture unique insights to help you engage with passive candidates who may previously have been ‘lost’. Recii enables you to auto-connect with candidates, increase your response rates and stay on the right side of compliance and GDPR legislation. Most staffing agencies and recruiters see a 20% increase in response and placement success rates with Recii. What’s not to like?

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