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odro video interview software

#1 Trusted Video Interview Platform and Winners of ‘The Best Innovator’ 2019

The Most Powerful All-In-One Video Technology Platform for Staffing Agencies and Recruiters

Video Interview Software Built for Staffing Agencies

Live Interviews
Quick & easy. Use on any device. No downloads, sign ups or log-ins required. Meet candidates or clients seamlessly in just one-click. Record interviews and create candidate shortlists. Fully GDPR compliant. Conduct live interviews with just 1-click. Odro allows recruiters to meet prospective candidates face to face without the need to be in the same room. Use this feature to conduct and record 1st stage interviews for your client and keep better control of the recruitment process.

Solo Interviews
Candidates can record solo interviews on their own time. Set-up first stage interview questions. Use on any device. Give a better candidate experience. Increase speed to hire. Arranging interviews for top talent can be difficult when trying to find a time to suit all parties. Allow candidates to record interviews on a mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet in their own time, answering questions you have set. Recruiters can then review these interviews afterwards and use it to predetermine the best candidates to submit to your client for review.

Candidate Shortlists
Create video shortlists. Offer better services & experiences to clients. In-depth analytics. Video heat-maps for powerful analytics. Custom & co-branded. Password protected. Create 1-click candidate shortlists for your clients to review, without having to ask them to log-in to another system. All live and solo interviews you have recorded are easily uploaded, alongside any supporting documents (Resume, portfolio, etc)

Odro Capture
The next generation candidate engagement tool. Send personalised video messages in 30 seconds. Increase response rates by 450%. Receive instant notifications when viewed. Send personalised HD video messages to your clients and candidates, straight from your browser. With one click in your Google Chrome browser, recruiters can record a personalised video message that lands straight into your client or candidate’s inbox. Quicker than a cold call, personalised video messages are proven to increase response rates by over 450% compared to standard messaging, and even higher when compared to a cold call initial outreach. Book your demo to see just how easy it is to start getting more from your daily activity.

Intelligent Analytics
See data from both an organisational and individual recruiter level. Administrators can see the amount of usage from each recruiter. Engagement rates on Capture messages. Views on recruiter interviews. Total minutes of usage, and so much more. Recruiters also have intelligent analytics on their interviews. Heatmaps show the viewing habits of their clients, identifying the most popular candidates, even their favourite part of the interview, all before speaking to the client.

Odro Is Ranked #1 By Staffing Agencies. Book a demo to find out how much of an advantage this can be for your recruiters.

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