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Why myInterview?
In an online world of applications and candidate profiles, it’s difficult to get a true sense of a person. myInterview was designed to put personality into the hiring process through video interviewing and predictive analytics. It’s quick and easy to use, and is one of many advanced technology solutions we encourage. Learn how you can make faster and better data-driven hiring decisions.

Staffing Agencies and Recruiters Love myInterview
Recruiters save 60% of their hiring time using myInterview

Make the right culture matches with myInterview. Place more candidates in roles that work for them.
Assess Authenticity – Application you can trust. Video is authentic.
Company Culture – Place candidates that your clients will love.
Candidate Insights – Let data enable your decision making. Place more candidates in more roles.
Premium video interviewing technologies
Robust software that can be relied upon.
Use myInterview for first and second stage screening. From application to final shortlist, myInterview have you covered.

Video introductions
Each consultant can introduce themselves to candidates.
Invite candidates via CSV, email, a shareable link or directly from your ATS.
Collaborate with decision makers and review interviews with teammates for the best results.

Shortlist, comment and rate submissions
Simple candidate management.
Share interviews with clients
Share interviews with stakeholders and receive their feedback.

Integrate into your website and ATS
Connect to your ATS for added convenience.
Mobile responsive user-friendly design
We remove all of the friction for candidates.
Optional training sessions
Easily collaborate with clients and colleagues

All of myInterview video interviewing products have been designed alongside behavioral psychologists and user-experience experts. myInterview video technology is mobile responsive, allowing interviews to be completed anytime, anywhere.

Put the candidate first
A tailor-made candidate experience that has been designed to put your applicants at ease. Use myInterview at every stage of the screening process

Review candidates, share with your clients
Security – All videos are securely encoded and stored in the recording region. Videos cannot be accessed without a client’s permission.

Deep Analytics
Deep analytics enable you to track user experience and impact. myInterview AI helps determine which questions work the best for your candidates and which candidates will work the best for your organisation.

Integration – Customise and integrate video interviews into your ATS solution in record time, or you can use it as a standalone.

Compliance – myInterview ensures compliance with regulations in your country. We operate around the world.

Analytics – myInterview provide deep analysis of your interviews to help you screen talent, structure questions and contact applicants.

24-hour Support – myInterview’s team is on hand to answer your questions at any time of the day.

myInterview is completely mobile responsive, so there’s no need for applicants to download a separate app.

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