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Productivity improves by 12%
A client just like you knew they couldn’t continue to deliver hyper-growth and maintain their success without freeing up their recruiters to create incredible sales returns and outstanding customer service rather than focusing on admin. Front Office automation using our tireless bots work alongside them, led to their most efficient recruiters ever.

Liquid Palladium’s client needed to help their recruiters be more productive
The pressure of hyper-growth requires constant innovation and focus. Improving recruiters’ productivity became a key objective for our client to maintain their remarkable growth record. The Liquid Palladium strategy was to understand and analyse productivity. Liquid Palladium would then focus on a series of areas to incrementally enhance performance. The drive for productivity was to be fuelled by a process of marginal gains.

Rapid return on investment results for front office automation
The Liquid Palladium starting point was to look at current levels of productivity within the recruitment team. They quickly realised that recruiters were forced to spend significant amounts of time accessing various different systems to create productivity reports. It was a slow process and the obvious place for Liquid Palladium to start.

A team of bots for the front office identified focus areas and automated them
Liquid Palladium began by implementing a ReportingBot. This compiled information from all of the different operational systems. In doing so, it created a playbook for systematically assessing consultants’ productivity and performance across this global business. Consequently, It was the first time that managers had the benefit of consistent and timely information to help them. This alone saved a remarkable amount of consultants’ time and resources. It immediately freed up time to pursue other business opportunities and focused training initiatives. The marginal gains project was off and running and had already paid for itself.

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“Improving performance by the aggregation of marginal gains: breaking down each component to its component parts and then understanding how it can be improved”

RPA lets legacy systems ‘talk’ to deliver instant information.
RPA integrates legacy systems

It’s a well known problem for most complex organisations. Information is stored all over the place. Often, there is a need to enter it into three or four different systems. Sometimes you may need a specialist to get to what you need to know. This can take weeks or months to integrate legacy systems.

The solution is the introduction of a Bot that ‘talks the language of your systems’. The Bot joins data quickly and efficiently, without the need for expensive integrations. RPA integrating legacy systems.

Liquid Palladium’s client had information held in multiple systems. It needed an easier way to access it all
Data is often available, but it’s typically held in many different systems. This makes it difficult to access and to leverage a knowledge. Integrating systems takes time and money. In this case, the Liquid Palladium client needed to gather information from Bullhorn, its CRM system. This would provide its recruiters with key lists to actively follow up, helping them to focus their time and improve productivity and billing levels. Before Liquid Palladium developed their solution, they required coding to build a standard report. In more complex cases with multiple data sources it required systems integration development. This gave Liquid Palladium’s client little flexibility. Especially if it wanted to broaden parameters or individual recruiters wanted to focus differently.

Rapid return on investment using RPA to integrate legacy systems
Liquid Palladium’s KnowledgeBot instantly retrieves information from multiple systems
Recruiters can chat with KnowledgeBot. It’s as simple as messaging a team member. They ask some questions and KnowledgeBOT goes off and mines the required information, from wherever it needs to gather it. RPA integrating legacy systems. The technology is non-invasive. So, there is no need for expensive and time-consuming system integrations. KnowledgeBot will happily and tirelessly go and build something slightly different each time the parameters change. Suddenly, recruiters are empowered to work the way they want and are supported to improve their productivity. One told Liquid Palladium:“It’s like having my own assistant who never tires!”

A stand-alone AI-enabled RPA Platform
Montana is Liquid Palladium’s own state-of-the-art platform that is powering the low-cost rapid production solutions that are enabling our customers to quickly reduce overheads and to scale at pace. It is designed to automate or augment business processes to eliminate the mundane tasks that historically your staff had to endure.

Liquid Palladium customers are generally witnessing on average a 6x return on investment having implemented Montana. Unlike some of the competition, Liquid Palladium’s non-invasive implementation techniques mean you do not need a consulting partner or internal IT team to deploy our technology. Liquid Palladium time-to-implement is 5 times faster than most.

It’s made up of three key elements: Montana Workshop, Montana Workplace, and Montana Marketplace.

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Affordable AI & automation for staffing.
Be more productive.

Affordable AI and automation for your business. Be more productive.