Lever provides a complete recruiting solution

Lever Recruiting Software

Lever Talent Suite
The Lever Talent Suite offers everything you need to build talent relationships across multiple channels, have complete pipeline coverage from source to hire to rediscovery and have unified insights.

Lever provides a complete recruiting solution
Source and attract
Manage and schedule
Interview and evaluate
Offer and hire
Report and analyze
Archive and rediscover

Create a better experience for talent leaders and your candidates. Fill a database that can offer you a competitive edge in a cut-throat talent market.

lever for recruiting and connecting with candidates
Capture your company’s relationship with exceptional people across time.

lever recruiting metrics and analytics
Measure your company’s performance in hiring. One Suite. More Value. The Lever Talent Suite elevates talent leaders to have the reach like marketing,
forecasts like sales and insights like finance – all in one.

Lever Hire
Build and track your talent pipeline and capture the actions, engagements, decisions in a talent database.

Lever Nurture
Effectively engage your talent relationships at scale throughout the entire relationship timeline.

Lever Analytics
Get insights to speed, cost, pipeline value, engagement and quality that you never had before.

Lever Collaboration Tools
Talent Cloud Connect
Connect people, business processes and data across Talent and HR systems.

Lever Talent Suite
Source, nurture, interview, hire, measure. See how Lever’s modern talent software helps you hire better people faster.

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