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JobDiva’s unparalleled in delivery and speed – and it lets recruiters exceed their expectations when its full power is unleashed. Want to drive your recruiting business to heights that will stun the competition? You need JobDiva.

JobDiva has a solution for almost any challenge that a recruiting organization faces in today’s competitive employment market. Looking for lightning-quick candidate match or top-notch consultant care? JobDiva has them – it optimizes your entire recruitment process, from sourcing to hiring and into on-boarding. JobDiva users agree that it’s the Applicant Tracking Software solution of the future. JobDiva is now offering its Top staffing Software solution.

This is staffing and recruitment software at its smartest–the most elegantly designed top-tier recruitment solution for the modern recruiter. JobDiva: a paragon of innovation and ease-of-use. An utterly breathtaking Applicant Tracking System that has helped organizations across the world make major strides in growth. JobDiva means happier recruiters, and as a result – happier clients.

Looking to grow?
Look no further. JobDiva’s innovations help you retool your business for greater success. Built from the ground up to help you recruit successfully, our solution drives effectiveness and profitability with unmatched accuracy and speed. For many of our clients, that leads to higher revenue.

JobDiva’s emphasis is not only automation and power – but also its organic solution. This best-in-class Applicant Tracking Software intelligently guides recruitment and sales teams through every stage of the recruiting lifecycle, from sales to placements to business intelligence. And JobDiva’s exclusive candidate care technology makes sure you not only find top talent, but retain it.

Staffing and Recruiting Software that helps recruiters do less and gain more
From candidate search to on-boarding and anything in-between, JobDiva is the Applicant Tracking System that does everything – without compromise. JobDiva is a best-in-class resource for a wide range of recruitment companies that all have one thing in common: many of them become top performers after they roll out JobDiva-talent acquisition software that can deliver superior results at blazing-fast speeds.

Awards Spotlight
JobDiva wins the OnRec International Award for Technical Innovation 2017.
JobDiva is the most holistic recruitment Applicant Tracking System and
Client Relationship Management Suite on the market today.

JobDiva offers the top-performing recruiting software solutions. These end-to-end solutions consist of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Customer Relations Manager (CRM), Vendor Management System (VMS), and much more, all interlocking to create a holistic, empowering experience for users. A cloud-based solution, JobDiva is designed for staffing agencies, recruitment companies and HR departments of any size. JobDiva’s solutions are built to provide a boundary-pushing experience that takes your business in staggering new directions. With JobDiva on their side, staffing and recruitment companies don’t have to manually manage their business development and candidate pipelines. JobDiva aggregates and collates resumes, automatically suggests candidates for jobs, tracks their progress, and then helps users manage the recruiting cycle, from candidate searching to candidate on-boarding

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