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interviewstream creates experiences that transform hiring by simplifying interviews, inspiring change, and getting hiring done anywhere. The interviewstream platform connects recruitment teams to quality candidates through video interviews and strives to make the job search and interviewing process easy on both candidates and recruiters. Get an interviewstream demo now.

Get to the Right Candidates Faster

Speed up your screening and interviewing process to provide job offers in less time. Engage better applicants while gathering candidate insights that go beyond their resumes. Simply send them your screening questions and receive their recorded video responses – reducing the time your recruiters spend screening by up to 80%.

Interview Anywhere, Anytime

Remove geographical barriers and enrich your candidate experience with an interactive one-way video interviewing platform that gives your applicants the flexibility to complete their interview on their own time, outside of the day-to-day 9 to 5, and even on the weekends.

Assess Candidates Fairly and Improve Hiring Collaboration

Develop an easy-to-follow hiring process with objective candidate evaluation criteria and interview questions. Easily share recorded candidate interviews and get real-time feedback from your hiring team on the competencies that matter most for that position – saving you time when deciding who to progress to an in-person or live video interview.

Personalize Your Hiring Process

Transform your hiring process into an experience for candidates that showcases your company, its culture, and its people by implementing a flexible tech stack that adjusts to the needs of your team and the evolving hiring landscape.

Get an interviewstream demo now

See how the interviewstream platform can help you today by connecting with a team of expert consultants who will review your current hiring process and make recommendations on how our video interviewing platform can help.

Simplify interviews. Get hiring now.

Simplify interviewing, inspire change and get hiring done anywhere.