Intersellar candidate sourcing

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Interseller helps organizations grow better, simplify workflow, and build stronger connections.

Identify. Configure. Enrich. Follow-up. Make contact.

Interseller combines each step of the traditionally disjointed outbound process into one effortless tool.  Find and add new prospects then send sequences of personalized 1-on-1 emails to each contact on your list. Every touchpoint is recorded and automatically synced with your CRM or ATS.

Intersellar candidate sourcingSource

Source your own candidates using Interseller’s Chrome extension or upload a list of contacts to add to an email sequence.

Chrome Extension
Use the Interseller Chrome extension to add contacts directly into sequences. With the click of a button, you can find a contact’s work email, add them to your email sequence, and sync them to your connected service with all their company info.

Lookup and Verify Emails
Lookup the email addresses of individuals using just their name and website or verify an email address is correct. Interseller uses several algorithms and APIs to provide the most advanced email lookup on the market.

Import and Export Contacts
Import a custom contact list and map custom fields using the CSV import. You can also export all contacts that you’ve collected from Interseller.

Intersellar save contact details

Data Enrichment
Interseller features enriched contact and company data to give users all the information they need to personalize outreach.

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