Place more candidates. Faster.

Globus AI

Digital staffing assistant for healthcare staffing agencies.
Easy-going, smart. A team player. Home office sidekick.
Meet Globus – our digital staffing assistant.

Place more candidates. Faster.
Globus Staffing lives on top of your ATS or CRM system, and supports the rostering and scheduling of all Temporary and High Volume staffing requirements. Have our advanced AI read all incoming requests for you, automatically find the best candidates, and help schedule them into assignments – super fast. Cover up to 40% more shifts, every day, with our self-learning, AI-based, workforce management software.

Assistance to solve everything, faster
Incoming requests from any source are automatically sorted by priority, urgency, and strategic importance. Everyone knows who’s doing what.

Finds the perfect match for you
Automatically identifies and suggests top candidates, helping you provide work for more people. Smart and unbiased AI matching to help you, the candidates and your customers. A triple win.

Learning from the best
The world’s smartest digital staffing assistant continuously learns from your staffing managers and the choices they make. Globus learns the preferences of staffing managers, candidates, and your customers. Already from day 1, Globus will give you smart suggestions and help you with repetitive and tedious tasks.

Scandinavian AI
Attract, retain and continuously develop your talent through interesting, challenging, and suitable assignments. Our AI is built to promote fair and decent working conditions and equality. Predictable workload and talent utilization increase satisfaction and improve business results.

Known unknowns
By processing million of staff requests, we can tell you how the need for personnel and specific competencies develop over time. Our staffing assistant can tell you how many personnel requests you have received, solved, and missed, and also how many you can expect in the future. Super powers that can be used in daily operations and in the board room.

Higher response rates, shorter response times
All communication flows directly into your team’s shared interface. Live, easy to use, and available on desktop, tablet and mobile. is helping to create a fresh working day for recruiters in staffing agencies that work within Temporary/ Shift pattern staffing.

The platform automates the matching and placement of your regular candidate profiles, allowing you to prioritise placing different candidates to more shifts. You can get availability quickly, easily and, more importantly, regularly. Best of all, all of this activity is linked to you CRM / ATS.

The really exciting piece is technology recognises all new candidates and automates their matching and placement moving forward offering you the potential for exponential growth.

“The Virtual Staffing Assistant from Globus AI has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. We have more time for our candidates and we can respond to our customers with higher quality in a more cost-efficient way”
Mattis Kjellin, CIO

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