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Get-Optimal is an on-demand Job Ad optimization service where you can receive up to a 30% increase in your Job Adverts performance, leading to a rise in inclusive applications, increased quality of candidates and precious time saving internally. Optimize and automate your Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO. Buy Optimal Credits Now.

It’s always good to know how your staffing agency or business stacks up against the competition, right? Just how good is that Job Ad you’ve been copying and pasting from one of your competitors you think is doing it well for the past 10 years? You know what curiosity did to the cat!  Register for a Job Ad report today from Get Optimal.

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The Get-Optimal scoring tool as you can see below analyses over 71 elements of your humble job ad including the below:

  • An optimal score of between 1 and 100 of your Job Ad looking at content, engagement and readability.
  • A full review of unconscious gender bias before you publish your Job Ad
  • SEO – how are the algorithms reading and prioritising your Job Ad over competitors.

Get-Optimal optimizes for how candidates search online for jobs, they optimize for candidate intent. Get Optimal are releasing customers and partners from the cost and resourcing challenges of writing & scaling gender-neutral Job Ads. Of course, Get Optimal optimize for grammar, spelling and unconscious gender bias, there are some great tools already in the market for that. The point of difference is that we optimize for how Job seekers search online for jobs. Buy Optimal Credits Now

Get-Optimal saves time, increases efficiency and boosts consultant effectiveness by automating and optimizing the part of their jobs they least enjoy, writing Job Ads.


Machine Learning
Get-Optimal optimises Job Ads using AI and machine learning. Our technology team and data scientists interrogate millions of Job, application and hiring data points to understand how candidates search online. We use a combination of public and private data to train our AI which enables the constant refining and updating of our 30 point formula that makes up our algorithm. Once applied to your Job Ads it results in an average 30% increase in qualified response rate. D&I is also built into our core product to reduce the unconscious gender bias in Job Ads at the source.

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Build diversity recruiting into your hiring and workforce strategy. The highly optimized Job Ads also include gender decoding (we built a gender decoding tool). It analyses and removes subtle gender-coded language and unconscious bias from all of your Job Ads. 98% of customers Job Ads we analysed were masculine coded (only appeal to male candidates). That’s not good enough, is it?

*Across our core client base, we had a 22% increase in female applications in Q1 2020, this was especially encouraging across STEM roles, sales and more traditional male-biased roles.


➔ Increased qualification and actionable candidates
➔ Attract and receive more qualified candidates (for your clients).
➔ Enable your client’s recruitment budgets to go further, increase their CTR (click-through rates) & CTA (click to apply) rates – all visible and all measurable.
➔ Optimise once and post everywhere through their multi-posting technology.
➔ Increase the quantity of relevant candidates to build your pipeline.
➔ Reduce the admin of qualifying and rejecting non-qualified candidates especially now with an abundance of candidates flooding the market.
➔ Reduce the time and cost to hire and the time it takes your team or business to create Job Ads (on average a UK recruiter takes 1hr 10min to create a Job Ad).
➔ Create and build a more gender-diverse workforce.

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