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Break down the communication barriers to start the conversation between recruiters and the job seekers looking for their dream job.

Since 2015, FlashRecruit has been a company inspired from one idea: helping people find their dream job, right now.

Flashrecruit’s vision is to create meaningful online communications between job seekers and recruiters so they can spend less time in the recruitment process and more time realizing career ambitions and business goals. With the plethora of technological resources available to recruiters, there are still no simple and easy ways for candidates and recruiters to communicate instantly, and FlashRecruit solves that problem.

The candidates of today want immediacy. They’re used to instant availability: everything they’re looking for can be found at the touch of a screen or the click of a button. Why should job hunting be any different? When it comes to recruitment, timing is everything. Offering live chat allows candidates to get in touch with your organization at the time that’s convenient for them.

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Candidates are accustomed to immediate responses and one-click communications. They want a recruitment service that fits in with their busy lifestyles, and FlashRecruit is the missing link. We make starting the conversation simple and convenient.

Benefits of FlashRecruit
• The leader and first ever recruitment chat platform
• Web-based software with no need to download anything to your computer or mobile device
• Mobile friendly and responsive
• Customize your account to work with individual recruiters or teams
• Set your online status as online, away, or offline so candidates know when you’re available

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