Simple, Powerful, Scalable SMS API for Recruiters

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Developed in-house for over 15 years, new features are always being added based on real customer feedback. Every business can save time, cut costs, and stay connected with SMS.

SMS messaging is used by all industries and business sectors, not just staffing. Integrating SMS into your business can save you time and help cut costs while keeping you in touch with your most important customers.

If you’re thinking about it for your business, see what features you might like and think about how FastSMS could transform your staffing business today.

Send Business SMS Online
Send text messages up to 918 characters long through your browser, email client or SMS API

Simple, Powerful, Scalable SMS API
Integrate FastSMS features into your own software using your preferred programming language.

Get instant access to everything you need to start integrating SMS functionality into your software including 20 free credits for testing.
Access powerful FastSMS features from within your own application using HTTP or SMTP

Send SMS Via API
Send text messages up to 918 characters long from your app via HTTP or SMTP

Manage Users
Create sub-users on the fly with their own credits, contact information & settings

Custom Reports
Retrieve the data from reports for specific users to check usage, message content & more

Inbound SMS Via API
Get inbound messages direct into your app using automatic HTTP POST forwarding

Manage Contacts
Keep your data clean by syncing your fastsms contacts with your own application

Message Status
Check the status of a specific sent message to see if it was delivered

SMS API Sandbox
Check your parameters and debug the code in your application

API Loopback Account
Test your code for free using a loopback account – just ask for one

SMS support
Expert Support, Get direct access to our in house developers for support on the API

Auto-Reply To Messages
Use automatic replies to let your customers know you got their message

Chat View
Keep track of real time text conversations with your customers

Forward, reply & subscribe incoming messages based on specific message content

Receive Texts Online
Both short and long numbers are available to receive SMS directly to your fastsms inbox

Forward Messages
Automatically forward incoming SMS to multiple email addresses or mobile numbers

Keep your conversations, contacts and lists tidy automatically

User Module
Unlimited sub-users all with their own templates, contacts, credits & reporting The highest quality Tier-1 routes ensures maximum speed and deliverability
Global network coverage enables you to send text messages worldwide

Clear, Competitive Pricing
One standard text message of 160 characters costs one credit. There are no contracts or ongoing commitments. Just top-up your credits when you need to, and the more you buy the cheaper it is – it’s that simple.

No Hidden Fees.
No contracts, no account set-up, monthly or ongoing charges.
Standard for small businesses sending less than 10,000 messages each month.
Bulk SMS for enterprises sending more than 100,000 messages each month

Get in touch and transform your business with some trial credits today.

Get real time ROI for recruiters

FastSMS can transform and speed up your business.