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Cuberfeed takes thousands of vacancies from leading professional and niche staffing websites and shares live jobs with relevant job seekers. In one simple search, users can easily sign up for instant job alerts. One day, Cuberfeed, wants to list every professional and nice recruiter’s job, everywhere.

Smart Matches
Cuberfeed use keyword search filters, smart algorithms and relevant alerts to get the best job matches to your computer or phone.

Job Visibility
Cuberfeed started small in 2018, wanting to list every professional job, everywhere. Cuberfeed provides smart, keyword driven search options and powerful data visibility of the job market and all its dynamics, giving you the great candidates and great opportunity for job seekers to take control of their career.

InHouse Technology
Kuberfeed know your job search can be stressful, so use their awesome in-house technology to help match jobseekers to better, more fulfilling jobs to keep the world working and a little happier at the same time.

When did Cuberfeed begin?
Cuberfeed founders Bruce Stander and Jack Copeland met when Bruce was the leading staffing website builder in the UK and Jack was on a mission to advertise the world’s jobs. After moving to California to pursue their technology dreams, they created Cuberfeed to help drive visibility for their own client jobs resulting in higher application rates and better quality applications. Since starting Cuberfeed in 2018, Cuberfeed routinely converts around 15% of traffic into applications and are constantly looking for new partners to list vacancies and drive ROI.

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