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Crelate Talent Overview


All-in-one Recruiting CRM + Applicant Tracking System. Join over 1,100 staffing and recruiting agencies that are making more job placements with Crelate.

Manage and Visualize Candidate Pipelines.
Easily track the progress of your candidates. Record your interactions, manage task lists, and send e-mails right from your pipeline screen.
Drag & drop candidates through your hiring process
Review resumes quickly without leaving your talent pipeline
Visualize, filter and view your recruiting dashboards

Recruiting CRM + ATS: Keep Sales & Recruiting Working as One.
From lead to placement, manage your requisitions and orders right alongside your talent pipelines.
Capture leads and build your sales funnel
Manage talent and client interactions across your sales lifecycle
Align talent with potential opportunities at any stage of your sales process
Calculate fees and forecast the value of your pipeline

Talent Relationship Management easy and Automated.
Automatic email and calendar integration with Office 365 and Gmail, mean you can focus on what’s important: engaging with candidates and customers.
Track candidates across multiple jobs, see which are engaged and who needs to be nurtured
Use Mentions to tag other people in your notes, and build rich connections across all of your contacts
People are people in Crelate, so candidates can become clients and vice versa

Take control of your recruiting database.
Crelate integrates directly into your daily workstreams, making it easy track your activity. Duplicate detection and merge features help you keep things tidy. While our unified search and reporting make it easy to find the data you need when you need it.

Search all fields, records, and documents all at once. Add Boolean, tag, and proximity filters to easily locate the best candidate. Import from Microsoft Excel, PDF, DOCX, RTF or directly from the web with the Crelate Chrome Extension. Gain insight into sourcing efficacy, recruiter productivity and more with advanced recruitment reporting.

It’s your data. We don’t charge to get backups of your recruitment database. Crelate Recruiting Software is sized and priced to be just right for small to mid-sized recruiting teams.

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