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Content Guru helps organizations to communicate better, enabling them to satisfy the increasing expectations of both customers and colleagues. Content Guru’s innovative cloud-based technology reduces the cost and complexity of managing diverse channels of communication, making it easy for organisations to give people access to relevant information – whether that comes from a person or a database.

By allowing people to use the channel of their choice and work from any location, Content Guru allow organisations to drive transformational service improvements while making the most of their existing technology.

Enhance Customer Experience
Customer experience is critical to your success, but the demands of customers are changing. Users now expect to be able to contact you 24/7, on any device, and receive personalized interactions. Content Guru helps you deliver efficient interactions across all channels whatever the level of demand, ensuring your organization continues to meet evolving expectations.

Maximize Sales Conversions
The likelihood of making a sale is greatly increased when you understand your customer’s needs and behaviors. Make your relationships with users as effective as possible with highly reliable solutions that place customer data at the heart of every interaction.

Drive Down Costs
Costs escalate where inefficient processes, workforce attrition and poor customer service are issues. With Content Guru, you maximize and boost the use of assets for optimal cost efficiency, improve the agent experience to retain staff, and deliver customer experiences that inspire loyalty to your organization.

Scale Up Quickly
Spikes in demand are likely to be caused by a significant event – making it even more critical that you can support and inform your customers. Content Guru allows you to handle massive spikes in demand without sacrificing the customer experience. Proactively send out mass communications during major events to pre-empt inquiries and route customers to the right agent.

How you handle spikes in demand can be critical – to both the outcomes of serious events and to customer perceptions of your service. The storm® platform instantly scales to cater to your requirements, allowing you to offer flawless service at over 100x average contact levels.

Customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses in whatever manner they desire.

Customers expect to be able to contact businesses and brands from wherever they are in the world.

Customers expect to be able to communicate with a businesses regardless of the time or reason.

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