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As data ages, it loses value. Every day, people change jobs, get promoted or move to a new city. Businesses too change over time. They merge or are acquired, change their company name or location. Email conventions change. A company may open up new offices or shut others down. Companies aligning their sales and marketing teams are 67% more efficient at closing deals. When sales and marketing teams are closely aligned, organisations experience 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. Companies that consider their teams ‘tightly aligned’ achieve 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth over three years.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent a significant opportunity for B2B companies to improve the quality of the data they hold. Revenue AI is a patented technology that provides a breakthrough in how labour market data can be structured in order to facilitate lead generation. Cognism leverages large-scale graph-based machine learning approaches to map the inherent structure of firms, employee career paths, and the types of skills that are most likely to match a specific product. These structures provide an extraordinarily granular and useful view of different individuals, departments, firms, industries, and the entire economy as they change over time. Will someone soon be promoted into a decision-making position? Does a person now qualify for new investment products? Is a company changing strategic direction or adopting more AI technologies? Revenue AI uses enriched graph-based structures to predict the likelihood of people being good targets for products, to identify firms that might be considering new technologies, or industries ripe for targeting.

Cognism Interactive
The winning outbound sales combo to boost your response rates, generate new leads and develop new growth opportunities for your business. Professionally run outbound strategy will build a powerful B2B lead generation funnel, increase your sales pipeline and deliver incremental revenue generation. Targeted, A/B tested email campaigns will boost your email response rates and maximise your chances of landing a meeting with your B2B prospects. Interactive allows you to focus on running your business, whilst we manage successful outbound campaigns in line with your values and goals.

Cognism will build your campaigns employing the same cold outreach techniques that we used to achieve over 600% business growth in a year!

Deliver revenue growth
Build a powerful lead generation funnel, increase your sales pipeline and deliver incremental revenue with a professionally run Outbound Strategy.

Skyrocket Your Engagement Rates
Boost engagement, build trust and stand out from the competition with compelling, embedded videos.

Maintain Your Focus
We focus on running a successful Outbound Strategy while you focus on running your business.

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