Chatbot for Staffing Agencies: TARS

Conversational AI TARS

Tars helps recruiters reduce time to fill by automating the candidate qualification and pre-screening process using chatbots.

Let’s be real. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pre-screen candidates. The process is so standardized that a robot could do it. Literally. Using Tars Chatbots, recruiters the world over have automated their pre-screening process, saved hours of valuable time, boosted recruiting efficiency, and most importantly reduced time-to-fill. The principle behind the product is simple. Rather than having a recruiter manually pre-screen candidates over a phone call or in-person, you can let a fully automated chatbot do it for you. Here’s how it works:

Build A Pre-Screening Chatbot Without Typing A Single Line Of Code

Use the Tars no-code builder to map out your pre-screening interview questions in a flow chart. This flowchart serves as the brain of your staffing chatbot and will dictate how it talks to your candidates. You can stand one of these flowcharts up in a matter of minutes if you start from scratch or you can simplify it even further by using one of our free templates.

Send The Pre-Screening Chatbot Link To Your Candidates

Tars chatbots might look and feel like conversational agents, but under the hood they’re regular old HTML. This means that just like any other webpage, you can share a simple URL with your candidates through your existing recruitment channels. Once they click on the link, they’ll be dropped right into a conversation with the chatbot who will use your flowchart to pre-screen the candidate.

Book Good Candidates For Interviews Instantly

Using our calendar and ATS integrations, you can automatically book candidates who pass the pre-screening requirements for an interview right within the chat. Just like the flowchart creation process, the integration process doesn’t require a single line of code.

Generate good quality leads using conversational landing pages

Companies using TARS chatbots as landing pages for PPC campaigns have seen improvement in conversion rate from 50%-200%. Reason being, an interactive conversational landing page engages people more than a boring, static form.

Automatically Sync Data With Your ATS Or CRM

Once the pre-screening conversation is complete, your chatbot can automatically process the candidate’s responses/lead details and send them to your preferred ATS or CRM.

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